I love being outside, I do a lot of hunting. -Sam Hunt


Valhalla Hunting Opportunity


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The Aloes Farm to Front Door Delivery

Over the passed year we have experienced a huge outcry in demand for delivery of our products to your door.
We are in early stages and trial runs with a fantastic delivery company to provide this service for you, they follow a route all the way from us to Umhlanga


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1. Would you be interested in receiving delivery to your door?

2. What area are you located in?

3. As we would be teaming up with a delivery company what in your opinion would be a reasonable delivery fee from our area to your area?

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Hunting Opportunities – Nyamazane Game Ranch

Exciting news: Nyamazane Game Ranch Website is up and running. We have 7 hunting packages available to all our members at a very reasonable price. Huge discount available for the online bookings for 2019. Please visit our Website – www.nyamazanegameranch.co.za – and follow the process. We are also launching two competitions on our Facebook page – Nyamazane Hunting for huntijg and Nyamazane Game Ranch for a get away weekend.

We are looking forward hearing from you.
Mias Venter

Nyembe Wildpryse 2019

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Gariep Eco Reserve’s 2019 Hunting Pricelist

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Member Associations

Below are three links of videos which deal with programme interviews which were recently broadcasted regarding the Canned Lion Saga which currently has caused much controversy In social media:


Dedicated Hunter Status and Sport Shoot Status

Please submitted to Hannelie at the Office before end November 2019.

Sport Shoot Status | Dedicated Hunter Status | Activity Cards 2019

Full Name:
KZNHS&CA membership number:
Sport Shoot Certificate number:
Period of activity substantiated:

I hereby submit confirmation of my Sport shooting activities.
I acknowledge that KwaZulu-Natal Hunting Shooting and Conservation Association will rely on this information when confirming my Dedicated Sport shooter status.
I hereby warrant that the information is true and correct and may therefore be relied upon.

Full Name:
KZNHS&CA membership number:
Dedicated Hunter Certificate number:
Period of activity substantiated:

I hereby submit confirmation of my hunting activities.
I acknowledge that KwaZulu-Natal Hunting Shooting and Conservation Association will rely on this information when confirming my Dedicated Hunter status.
I hereby warrant that the information is true and correct and may therefore be relied upon.

Please sign and return to the Office together with your membership application.

Garmin GPS

GARMIN eTrex Touch 35 handheld GPS/GLONASS, compass, altimeter. Price – R1 800.00
Contact Ruben – 082 563 0575

Hunting rig

Hunting rig for sale. It was built for a hilux but I did a small mod to fit it onto my 130 land rover so can easily be converted back for a hilux. I would like to get R1500 for it.  Please contact Ralton Dickason on 082 497 9047

Meat O Matic or Springbuck bandsaw

Wanted to buy:  I am looking for a Meat O Matic or Springbuck bandsaw to buy.  Please contact Indran Govender on 084 599 799 if you are interested in selling.

Browning B525 field O/U shotgun for sale

  • 30” barrels with adjustable cheeck piece and several chokes and gunbag. 

  • 3 years Old.  Price reduced to R26 000. 

  • Contact Johan on 082 789 2614

Musgrave Mod 80 .243 Win, scope, silencer, dies and bag. Excellent condition. R13,000.

Musgrave Mod 80 .30-06, scope and bag. Excellent condition, hardly used. R12,000.

Beretta S58S trap o/u 12 bore. Less than 400 rounds fired, very tight. Immaculate condition. R15,500.

Mossberg 500 12 bore pump, 5-shot with bag. Seldom used. R4,500.

Lee Enfield No 1 Mk III .303 (1917) sporterized, with scope and bag. Good condition. R6,000.

Savage .22/410 with bag. Good condition. R2,000.

Brno ZKK602 .375H&H Mag, classic stock, Leupold 1-4×20 scope, with dies and brass. R17,000.

Brno .22LR, 1947 Mk 1, with silencer, 4x mags, and scope. R6,000.

Mauser/FN semi-custom, Wilson barrel, Timney trigger, thumbhole stock, Sightron scope, bag, dies, etc. Excellent condition. R15,000.

Assorted loading and shooting accessories. Lee Target hand loading set. Rifle cases x3. Assorted brass.

Contact Malcolm 082-901-2558.

Reloading Dies and Components For Sale:

Dies – RCBS

.44 Magnum – R800.00
7mm Remington Magnum – R1000.00
.308 Winchester – R750.00
.30-06 Springfield – R750.00
8 X 57 Mauser – R750.00
.460 A Square Magnum – R1 000.00
.338 Winchester Magnum – R900.00
.303 British – R600.00


.300 Winchester Magnum – R800.00

Bullet Moulds:

.44 magnum – R250.00
.416 Rigby – R750.00

Gas Checks:

.303 Cal – R200.00
.44 Cal – R200.00

Reloading Propellant:

MP 200 (full) – R400.00
Various other components as well.

Contact MJ  – 083 452 4791. Please leave a message if call is not answered as I am a PH and could be in an area with poor signal.

Item Number
Hoyt CRX 35   [excellent condition] 1 R8 000
Bow Box [Plano 1 R900
String stop 1 R200
string silencers 3 R30
True-Glow 5 pin sight 1 R700
Team Hoyt 6 arrow quiver 1 R900
Arrows [new] with field points 6 R600
Arrows [used] 2 R150
Montec Broadheads new 125gr in bubble pack 3 R400
Montec Broadheads unused 125gr 5 R500
other Broadheads 125 gr 2 R200
Pathfinder Broadheads 2 blade still in case 3 R600
Judo points 2 R100
Field points[ new] 9 R600
G 5 Diamond broadhead sharpener 1 R100
Allen key set 1 R50
Cobra release 1 R250
Scott release – mongoose?? 1 R350
Practice Butt 1 R500
R15 130
Contact Max Meyer   –   083 560 1911

7 X Boxes of PMP 175gr in calibre

Post Date:  24 June 2019

  • 303 British. R400.00 per box
  • Contact Gary – 082 652 3330.

Teleskoop vir geweer

Post Date:  31 May 2019

Op soek na ‘n goeie 2de handse Leupold VX5-HD 3-15X44 sf cds ZL2 teleskoop asb.
Looking for a good second hand Leupold VX5-HD 3-15 x 44 sf cds ZL2 telescope

Please contact Jeremy

E-pos : jeremy@steveventer.co.za
Tel    : 056 – 110 0120
Cell    : 083 454 9481

BRNO Fox Model 527 calibre

Post Date:  24 May 2019

BRNO Fox Model 527 calibre .223 Rem with following accessories:

  • Lynx 3-12 X 42 rifle scope
  • 138 rounds/cases – mostly PMP
  • 3 ammo boxes
  • 900 CCI 400 small rifle primers
  • 1 ½ tins Somchem S321 rifle powder
  • RCBS die set and shell holder
  • Lee case length gauge
  • Set of Lynx low profile scope mounts

Price – R15 000.00
Contact – Ian Newton 082 880 9000. Please leave a message if no response as I work in an area with poor signal.

2 five rifle safes

Post Date:  7 May 2019

  • Excellent condition
  • R2000.00 each
  • Unfired brass for 7mm Remington Magnum
  • Offers considered.

Contact  – Chris  0837771245.

BRNO Model 21, Circa 1950, calibre 6.5 X 57

Post Date:  6 May 2019

  • Custom scope mounts with Lynx 3-9 X 38 rifle scope.
  • Rifle original profile with no modifications.
  • Many reloading accessories and components, including a set of reloading and reforming dies.

Price R16 000.00

Contact Ian Newton (Boston KZN) on 082 880 9000 – poor signal area please leave message if call unanswered.

Zastava .375 H&H bolt action rifle. Laminated stock, glass bedded with a Leopold VX 3 – 1.5 to 5 X 20mm rifle scope. Fired max 60 rounds – as new condition

Post Date:  30 April 2019

The following accessories are included:

  • One hard plastic rifle case.
  • Factory ammo (all 300 gr): 19 x Winchester solids; 9 x Winchester soft; 43 x RWS solids
  • Hand loads (all 300 gr): 50 x Sierra soft point (66 gr S341);  22 x Barnes X (63 gr S355)
  • 200 x 300 gr Sierra soft point bullet heads
  • More than 50 empty cases
  • ¾ tin S341 powder
  • ¾ tin S355 powder
  • RCBS full set dies

R 10 000.00 

Contact: Dave de Winnaar dave.dew@mweb.co.za | Cell – 083 2625 012.

Heading Rhino Bullets

Firearm for Sale

Rossi 5 shot .38 Special revolver with holster and ammo for sale – R2 500.00. Ideal carry handgun when hunting, or for home self- defence.
Contact Charlene – 031 312 5088; 079 495 3959

Posted on 2019/03/20

Two Safes for Sale: R3000 for the one and R3500 for the Xpanda

Post Date:  14 March 2019

Firearm for sale:  The Winchester Defender is 12 gauge.  It is very clean.  Hasn’t been used much  I am looking for R5 500.00 on that 

I have attached photos of the items and am glad to field any questions that buyers might have.  Please contact Brandon on 0834616795.

FOR SALE : Lakefield Mark II rifle .22LR caliber

For Sale

Lakefield Mark II rifle .22LR caliber

Made in Canada

Immaculate condition

One owner

Barrel threaded


Roy 0726374894

For Sale

ATN Model M04-1 nightvision monocular.

Never been used


Contact: Roy 0726374894

For Sale

.375 caliber bullets

Barnes Solid RN 270gr – R1,150/box

Barnes Solid RN 300gr – R1,350/box

Nosler 300gr Partition – R1,250/box

Hornady 300gr RN Interlock – R850/box

Hornady 300gr FMJ – R890/box

Hornady 300gr FMJRN (DGS) – R925/box

Contact: Roy 0726374894

For Sale

Boyds Laminated Thumbhole stock for Ruger M77 Mark II long action calibers

Brand new in box


Contact: Roy 0726374894

For Sale

Walnut stock (ex-factory) for Ruger M77 Mark II long action calibers

Immaculate condition


Contact: Roy 0726374894

Handgun for sale

Please contact beckerroyden@gmail.com

For Sale – Handgun CZ75B double action caliber 9mm Parabellum

Pachmayr combat grips

Immaculate condition

One owner


Roy 0726374894

Vector 375 H&H For Sale

Mike Bingham [mailto:mike.bingham51@gmail.com]
Cell – 060 972 7495.

Vector 375 H&H K98 for sale.  Included in the sale are 200 x 375 magnum cases, approx. 200 assorted heads, RCBS Dies, rifle strap and a choice between a 3-9 x 40 Japanise  Tasco or a

Lynx 4 x 40 Scope.  The price is R18,000-00, or reasonable offers.

For Sale

Ek wil my 303 geweer verkoop.  Baie Goeie kondisie. Het 850 rondtes deur die loop. Het die scope bases op. Houtwerk is ook uitstekend. Het 200 gelaaide patrone, Hornady Interlock 150 gr en nog 200 punte en kruit. Alles vir R 5500.00

Evanix Windy City 5mm PCP airgun met 4 magasyne van 10 patrone elk met 5500 pellets 13.74gr en Duiksilinder vir die laai van die bottle met 5 swing plaat teikens. Skiet akkuraat tot met 100m. Die peletgun is getune vir akkuraatheid en effektiwitiet. Het n Zos 10-40×50 SFE scope.  Alles vir R 12000.00

Ek gradeer op na n 6.5 Creedmoor en moet daarom verkoop.

Kontak asseblief vir Ruben  – Rubens Property Services



Hunting Items For Sale

Click here to download items


Scopes Swarovski, both suited to the rifles.
The above are in pristine condition. The 30.06 is a Pre 64 Model 70 which is
a very rare rifle and is known to be a collector’s item, it’s extremely

Selling these rifles is like losing a lifelong friend, so please no fancy
offers. If you know your rifles and very keen on Hunting, then you will know
the value. They are better than a new modern rifles of today!
Please contact Keith Gild on 083 7777 824 if you are interested



Anshutz Mod. 1422 .22lr for sale with Leupold 6×42 scope. Awesome stock. Straight shooter. R10 000.  Contact Johan on 083 306 3971


375 Magnum Rifle for Sale

.375 Magnum Field De Luxe Holland and Holland Musgrave

rifle. It has a Mauser bolt action and has only been used once Price new

is R28,000-00. I am trying to get in the region of R 20,000. Will be

prepared to negotiate.

Please contact Gordon van der Merwe

Cell/ phone : 0832300842 or 0117641005

For sale: Sako 375 H & H

Complete with:

Lynx P1,5-6 x 42 scope



RCBS 3 die set

Lots of brass.

Bullets, of which there are currently 5 boxes Woodleigh 270gr PP bullets. One opened but not used. 4x unopened. Plus other bullets.

Price is negotiable

Please contact Selwyn on 082 447 3470

List of items for sale

  • Scopes:  Lynx 1,5-6 x 42 IR with 30mm tube. Perfect working order ,holds it’s zero position and has  an illuminated reticle. Has scope covers and original box.. R4000-
  •  Burris 4,5-14 x 42 Fullfield E1. Ballistic Plex reticle. Parralax adjustable. 25mm tube in perfect working order. Scope covers and original box with manual for x-hair calculation. R5500-
  •  Vortex Crossfire Hog Hunter 3,5 -12 x 56 AO V Brite. 30mm tube. 7 mths old, is like new perfect working order with illuminated reticle. Has original box . R7500-
  • Also have two base sets for K98 Mauser actions and two ring sets for 25mm tubes. All steel In the Lynx/ Thor style.

I’m upgrading my scopes as my needs have changed.

  • Harris Bi Pod Ultralight  Model H Series 1A2 12”- 24” extendible R1000-
  • Bullets:
    30 Cal. Speer 180gr Mag Tip 100  R650-
    30 Cal  Hornady 180gr BTSP 100  R650-
    375 Cal Frontier Spartan 250gr HPBT  Mono. 50 R500
    375 Cal Hornady 270gr SPRP 50 R650-
    375 Cal Speer 286gr Grand Slam Premium Big Game 50 R750-
    375 Cal Hornady 300gr BTSP  31 R350-

I’m on whatts app and will send pictures or supply more details if requested.

I’m also prepared to do a scope, base/ring deal.

Please contact me on 0726067946

Arthur Coleby

The Cat® S61 Is The Perfect Conservationist Companion

October 2018: Conservationism is a noble but often risky profession which requires incredible skill and dedication. Resilience, bush craft, marksmanship, communication and tracking skills are invaluable in the fight against poaching and the protection of wildlife – a fight that would be almost impossible without the use of technology.

From drones to tracking collars, radios to satellite phones, conservationists rely heavily on technological innovations to assist them in their work. The Cat S61 smartphone, with durable and resilient hardware and first-of-its-kind technology, including a curated app catalogue specifically tailored for rugged device users, is the perfect conservationist companion.

Key features:

  • Integrated thermal imaging camera
  • Extended battery life and quick charge enabled
  • Beyond rugged IP68, IP69 and Mil Std 810G certified

The Cat S61 is more than just a smartphone. With a FLIR thermal camera, which can measure temperatures ranging from -20°C to 400°C and is capable of live streaming thermal video. This allows the identification of both animals and humans in the dark, with a pallet of thermal filters including night vision. In the all too frequent discovery of a poached carcass thermal imaging can be used to estimate time of death – and so determine the likely distance of the retreating poachers and assist in capture. Its high-powered torch, which is ~40% brighter than standard phones; and its enhanced GPS technology, means tracking wildlife and locating poachers will be easier than ever before.

Optimised for outdoor use, it’s huge 4,500Ah capacity battery ensures that users won’t run out of power in the field. It’s also drop-proof (from 1.8m), water-proof (up to 3 metres for 60 minutes), as well as sand, dust and dirt resistant. The super bright 5.2″ FHD display is protected by a scratch-resistant Corning® Gorilla® Glass 5 screen that can easily be read in direct sunlight with a touch screen optimised for use with wet fingers and while wearing gloves

The Cat S61 smartphone is available from leading cellular network operators in South Africa.


About Cat devices and accessories

The Cat® brand stands for trust, durability, reliability and quality. The Cat DNA is found in every Cat mobile phone and accessory offered by Bullitt Mobile Ltd. and provides boundless experience with robust mobility. Our products are created for wireless communication using the latest technology to meet a variety of needs of a demanding lifestyle and won’t let you down. To find out more about what Cat phones and accessories are made of visit www.catphones.com

About Bullitt Group

Bullitt Group enables the world’s leading brands to enter into rapid growth consumer technology categories creating broader appeal and new, long-term income streams in the process. Since its formation six years ago Bullitt Group has designed, manufactured and distributed millions of mobile phones, audio products, other connected devices and related peripherals to more than 60 countries across the globe. Bullitt Group’s Head Office is in Reading, England with additional office locations in Taipei (Taiwan), Shenzhen (China), New York (USA).www.bullitt-group.com

For more information, please contact:

Issued By Positive Dialogue Communications
For Further Information Contact Sarah Chapman
Tel (021) 461 5108
Email sarah@positivedialogue.co.za

CorrosionX products

CorrosionX products to be stocked at the Office.  Please click on the link for Website and Contact details – www.corrosionx.co.za

100x 22LR Shoot

DRGC July 2019 Newsletter

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DRGC May 2019 Newsletter

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Klipp Bros Shoot 2019

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DRGC April 2019 Newsletter

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Saturday, 1st June 2019
Non-CTSASA members and novices only

Broadway Shooting Club

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DRGC Kings Cup Newsletter

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Here at the KwaZulu-Natal Hunting Shooting and Conservation Association, we strive to promote fair, ethical hunting through our actions and attitudes.

Hunting unfortunately has a negative image to the general public. Despite what you may think, hunters are conservationists, and if it weren’t for the hunting industry, conservation would not be what it is today. Interested in learning more?
Read more here…

We hope that this website will help to educate and inform, so that you may understand a little more about what we do and stand for.

KZN Clay Target News

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Conservation Newsroom & Library

In January we published the inaugural issues of Conservation Frontlines E-Magazine (https://www.conservationfrontlines.org/current-issue/) and Frontline Dispatches Newsletter (https://www.conservationfrontlines.org/wp-content/uploads/frontlines_pdf/frontline_01-19.pdf). Since February 1st, Frontline Dispatches #2 are available.

At the Conservation Frontlines Newsroom (www.conservationfrontlines.org) we aim to encourage positive exchanges between non-hunting and hunting conservationists, spark conversations, shift perspectives, and inspire new ideas.

We believe that hunters and non-hunters alike need ‘greater independence of thought’. Cooperation in broad-based conservation coalitions to perpetuate wild landscapes and wildlife is essential. Our authors discuss and formulate coherent sets of values, processes and promises – and hunters can learn more about, and non-hunters can discover, the wide-ranging facets of hunting and its important conservation linkages.

Our extensive library section with continuously updated content of scientific papers and topical media articles from around the world provides users with ample background material.

Go to https://www.conservationfrontlines.org/subscribe/ to sign on. We don’t have paywalls and it’s free of charge.

If you like what we are doing, please spread the word in your networks.

Ivory & Rhino Horn Trade With China

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Rewilding The Lost Wilderness

I would like to introduce you to the unique Cape conservation coffee-table book Rewilding The Lost Wilderness: Green Heritage of the Forgotten Cape, with a Foreword by Dr Ian Player.

In the 317 pages of Rewilding The Lost Wilderness: Green Heritage of the Forgotten Cape we explore the natural heritage, wildlife and wilderness of the Northern, Western and Eastern Cape. The story involves the vegetation and wildlife that occurred and still occur within the Cape, and the human impact on the natural environment through the ages. The conclusion of the story explores the reserves and farms that have dedicated themselves to restoring the original cape ecosystem and all its diversity, and how they implemented the restoration.

Ten years in the making, Rewilding The Lost Wilderness: Green Heritage of the Forgotten Cape has been the result of an intense pursuit of restoration of the Cape of South Africa. After much eager anticipation I can finally say that Rewilding The Lost Wilderness is officially available with the inspirational story of Rewilding the Cape. This story of a quintessential African wilderness that has been lost and regained is a story of hope and restoration! A tale of hope for all the wilderness areas that has been lost, and an example for all wilderness areas that is still to be regained! Rewilding The Lost Wilderness is much anticipated among the international rewilding community for whom the book will serve as a practical example for the recreation of lost wilderness areas, especially so in parts of Europe and North America.

SAGA TRUST RELEASE - Portfolio Committee Meeting

SAGA RELEASE – Portfolio Committee Meeting
Issued: 13 SEPTEMBER 2019

On Wednesday, 11th September 2019, SAGA Trustee Damian Enslin, and GOSA representatives, Paul Oxley, Tim Flack, Themba Kubheka and Maryna Micklem, and firearm activist Ludwig Churr, attended on the Portfolio Committee on Police (PCoP) meeting at Parliament, as a number of firearm related issues were being dealt with by the recently formed committee.

The main issues on the agenda at the PCoP were:

1.Auditor General’s report concerning SAPS financial issues.
2.The Civilian Secretariat’s presentation on upcoming legislation.
3.The SAPS presentation on the Firearms Amnesty 2019.
4.PSIRA presentation on the proposed PSIRA regulations.

With regards to the Auditor General’s financial report there is no need to report on this, as the presentation was not relevant to firearm issues.

The Civilian Secretariat’s presentation dealt with a number of forthcoming bills including the Firearms Control Amendment Bill. The presenter indicated that this bill would more than likely be publicised in the fourth quarter, which will be during January, February or March 2020.

Proposed Firearm Amnesty 2019

The Minister of Police signed a notice on the 15th August 2019 declaring an amnesty in terms of Section 139 of the Firearms Control Act wherein he had indicated that there would be a firearm amnesty from 1st October 2019 to 31st March 2020.

After SAPS presented the proposed Amnesty for 2019 to the PCoP, Dr Pieter Groenewald of the FF Plus pointed out to SAPS that the presentation was defective in a number of respects. The presentation referred to addressing the Committee on Security and Justice, whereas it should have referred to the PCoP; that it referred to a 2018 amnesty, and more critically, that the draft Notice for the proposed amnesty was not before the PCoP.

The committee members took a vote and they voted unanimously not to deal with the firearm amnesty.

PSIRA Presentation

After a very detailed PSIRA presentation, Mr A Whitfield and Mr O Terblanche of the DA, raised concerns about the duplication of the proposed new regulations with respect to the use of firearms by security officers. There was also concern about the definition of “semi-automatic” and although a PSIRA representative indicated that this would be amended to reflect semi-automatic rifles, again Mr Whitfield indicated that this did not make sense to him as criminals would be armed with fully automatic weapons, and taking away semi-automatic rifles would leave security companies with only semi-automatic pistols and revolvers.

The PSIRA representatives then indicated that this was just a proposed draft bill, that there would be further amendments to the bill and that the bill had not yet been publicised. Only when the bill is publicised would the actual final draft bill be presented to the PCoP.

To summarise the main issues from the meeting:

1.Although the amnesty has been delayed due to issues with the presentation as well as the draft notice not being presented to Parliament, there is the possibility of SAPS presenting the amnesty at a later date before the end of 2019.

2.A draft Firearms Control Amendment Bill could be publicised in January, February or March 2020. At that, stage there will be call for public comment.

3.The PSIRA legislation on firearms does not have a final bill and has not yet been publicised. Once it has been publicised there will be an opportunity for public input and comment and it will be brought before the PCoP.

The Committee also discussed the GOSA court case. Some committee members questioned whether there should indeed be a firearms amnesty or even a proposed Firearms Control Amendment Bill having regard to the fact that the GOSA court case had not been finalised.

A further development that arose during the meeting was an indication from the Chairperson of the PCoP, Ms Tina Joemat-Petterssen of the ANC, of the possibility of holding a firearms summit in the very near future with all stakeholders and organisations who have an interest in firearms.

With respect to expired firearm licences, we are still waiting on the GOSA court case, which together with the possible amnesty and FCA Amendment Bill publication, may have an impact on the expired firearm licence issue.

Finally, in terms of the GOSA interdict, if you are the holder of a firearm with an expired firearm licence, SAGA reiterates that there is nothing that you can or need to do, because you cannot be charged for being in possession of a firearm with an expired licence, nor can your firearm be seized.

We will keep SAGA members updated on these issues.

The SAGA Trust
P O Box 35203
Northway  4065
South Africa

SAGA Snippets August 2019

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SAGA Snippets May 2019

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John Welch

Police Minister Cele’s statement on 17April at the destruction of some 30 039 seized and surrendered firearms that “It would be better if one day we don’t have private citizens having guns at all. It’s a tall order going forward but it would be better if one day, only the armed forces namely police and soldiers having [access to] guns”, was nothing new, however, it illustrates how remote he is from reality. With the violent crime rate what it is, it is irrational and unreasonable to deny good law-abiding citizens’ the means to defend themselves and others against violent home and business invasions and attacks in general. Not only is his statement irrational, it also seriously interferes with citizens’ constitutional rights to life, bodily integrity and property. To have rights but without the means to enforce such rights is useless, bearing in mind that, when a violent attack is imminent, most people do not have body guards present to protect them, neither are police officers on the scene and you do not have the luxury to apply for an interdict. Ordinary people remain the first, and often only, responders to crime. And while we have so often stated that one should avoid crime hot-spots,thereby preventing crime, it is totally unreasonable to expect citizens not to enjoy life, travel around and generally carrying on with their lives.

Hunting, sport shooting and collecting of firearms and ammunition are internationally and nationally recognised activities in which free people participate. And while the greater majority of these people neither commit nor contribute to crime, their rights should not be interfered with.

The minister continued: “It’s important to say that we are looking at the next batch [to be destructed] and we are trying to squeeze in the time for that so that we don’t keep these guns in the crime market for very long,”. SAGA fully agrees that for the police to keep these seized and surrendered firearms constitutes a serious risk since these firearms may (will?) sooner or later find their way to criminals. It must be borne in mind, though, that all confiscated firearms need to be inspected by or on behalf of the South AfricanHeritage Resources Agency to ensure that no firearms of heritage value are destroyed.

The minister must concern himself and his police officials with their primary function – crime fighting, including removing illegally possessed firearms from society. When all crime is reduced to acceptable levels, many may stop carrying firearms for self-defence (and the minister would have achieved his goal) while hunters, sportsmen and collectors can continue to participate in their lawful activities without being concerned about irresponsible political threats. This is a win-win situation, excepting for criminals.

The SAGA Trust
P O Box 35203
Northway  4065
South Africa

SAGA Snippets April 2019

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No. 42284 GOVERNMENT GAZETTE, 6 MARCH 2019 Government notices

NOTICE IN TERMS OF SECTION 136 (1) OF THE FIREARMS CONTROL ACT, 2000 (ACT NO. 60 OF 2000) By virtue of the powers vested in me by section 136 (1) of the Firearms Control Act, 2000 (Act No. 60 of 2000), I Khehla John Sitole, National Commissioner of the South African Police Service, in my capacity as Registrar of Firearms as contemplated in section 123 of the said Act, hereby give notice that the State intends to destroy all firearms, ammunition as well as firearms parts, listed in the website below, that were voluntarily surrendered to or forfeited to the State.

Interested parties can visit the South African Police Service website at www.saps.gov.za , for a list of firearms, ammunition of firearm parts intended to be destroyed by the State.

In terms of section 136 (2) of the Firearms Control Act, 2000 (Act No. 60 of 2000), any person who has a valid claim to such firearm(s) or ammunition or such firearm part(s) may, within 21 days after the date of publication of this notice, make representations to me as to why such firearm(s) or ammunition or such firearm part(s) should not be destroyed. The representations must contain complete information of the firearm(s), ammunition or firearm part(s) and the police station where the firearm(s) ammunition and firearm part(s) were surrendered to or forfeited to the State.

By Post: The National Commissioner (Registrar) South African Police Service Private Bag x811 PRETORIA 0001

This gazette is also available free online at www.gpwonline.co.za

4 No. 42284 GOVERNMENT GAZETTE, 6 MARCH 2019 Government notices • GoewermentskennisGewinGs Police, Department of/ Polisie, Departement van DEPARTMENT OF POLICE NO.

The SAGA Trust
P.O. Box 35203
Northway 4065
South Africa

New SAGA Facebook Page

Dear Members,

SAGA has a new Facebook presence. Please visit us at:


You might get a Friend request as we work to get the new page up and running. If you don’t please go online to Like our page and do a Friend request. The old page will be decommissioned soon.

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SAGA Update on Expired Licences

Dear Member,

On the 7th November 2018, GOSA released a media statement concerning their interim Order and Judgment obtained on the 27th July 2018, which Order was against the National Commissioner of Police and the Minister of Police.

SAGA had previously reported on the judgment from the 27th July 2018 in our SAGA news bulletins dated 29th July, 4th August and 10th September 2018 wherein we dealt with and reported on the written Judgment from the GOSA Court case.

It is not the intention of this release to discuss or deal with the GOSA media release from the 7th November 2018. We are aware that some parties have criticised the GOSA media release, but for the sake of clarity, and because we have received a number of queries from our members, we wish to advise as follows:

1.    The Judgment obtained by GOSA on 27th July 2018 obtained interim relief against the SAPS in that SAPS were prohibited from implementing any plans of action, or from accepting any firearms for which the licence had expired at its police stations or any place, and SAPS were prohibited from demanding that such firearms be handed over to them for the sole reason that the licence of such firearm had expired.

2.    The rest of the Judgment dealt with further relief that GOSA had applied for, but it was clearly indicated that the rest of the relief would be dealt with in the main application, once the main application had been set down for trial.

To be clear, we wish to advise that the Judgment from the 27th July 2018, does not allow or provide for any further relief. Thus, SAGA members or any person for that matter, who is in possession of a firearm with an expired licence, may still not renew the licence at their police station and they cannot apply for a licence for such firearm yet.

Therefore at this point, there is no possibility of SAPS accepting any applications for late renewal of a firearm licence after it has expired, nor will SAPS even process such applications.

As soon as we have been made aware of the trial date for the main application, we will advise our  members.

We will also be publishing another newsletter concerning the private bill of Dr. Pieter Groenewald of the Freedom Front Plus, which Bill was discussed at Parliament on 6th November 2018. This bill seeks to amend Section 24 and Section 28 of the Firearms Control Act, and which Bill directly deals with the renewal of firearm licences, where either the application is brought late or after the licence has expired.

The SAGA Trust

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Constitutional Court decision of 07 June 2018

Most of you will be aware of the Constitutional Court decision of 07 June 2018.

The Constitutional Court, in dismissing the application of SA Hunters and Game Conservation Association, upheld the constitutionality of Sections 24 and 28 of the Firearms Control Act. This means that you are compelled to relicence your firearm in terms of Section 24 and if you fail to do so, the possession of your firearm is illegal and you are criminalised.

The Judgment of the Constitutional Court is short, simple and to the point. It is also a final Judgment and any criticism of the Judgment is of no purpose or consequence.

What we need to consider now, is the consequences of the Judgment and if you have an expired licence, and what you can do.

The Constitutional Court ruled that the life of your licence is finite as determined by the Act and if you do not renew the licence, your licence terminates, the firearm becomes illegal and possession thereof is criminalised i.e. you become a criminal. The Constitutional Court pointed out, however, that if you intend to surrender the firearm to the police on an expired licence, you cannot be prosecuted, because handing in the firearm is a solution to the illegal possession. Froneman J specifically stated “I can see no legal obstacle to hand in a firearm over to the police after termination.” (of the licence)

This means that the safest most precautionary approach to take, is to surrender your firearm to the police for destruction if you have an expired licence.

The other alternative, which comes without any guarantees at this stage, is to wait for the proposed amnesty that the police are busy trying to finalise and put before Parliament and apply for a licence in terms of such amnesty. This comes, however, with some potential risks inasmuch as your possession of a firearm on an expired licence remains illegal until you have handed it in to the police and applied for an licence in terms of the amnesty.

Under no circumstances and as a result of this Judgment, should anybody with an expired licence carry and/or use their firearm until they have been granted a licence in terms of the proposed amnesty.

In summary therefore you can:

1) Immediately surrender your firearm to the police for destruction and avoid being criminalised; or

2) You can keep your firearm, not use it or carry it and wait for the proclamation of the amnesty to surrender your firearm in terms of the amnesty and to apply for a licence in terms of the amnesty.

I do not know exactly when the amnesty will be proclaimed.

The Judgment does not change the status of green or old Act licences which remain valid.

SA Hunters Official Media Release Following Concourt Ruling on Firearms Licence Issue

Constitutional Court Ruling Sections 24 and 28 of FCA 60 of 2000

SA Hunters vs CFR Court Ruling

DRGC August 2019 Newsletter

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DRGC March 2019 Newsletter

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DRGC February 2019 Newsletter

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At the CHASA Board meeting held on 07 September 2019 the following members were voted in to serve on the Executive Committee:

President: Pieter van Niekerk
Chairman: Riaan Meintjies
Vice Chairman: William Smale
Secretary: Marius Haarhoff
CEO: Stephen Palos
Manager: Rory O’ Moor


CHASA Letter to Members of the House of Commons

Animal Improvement Act (62/1998):Amendment of Table 7 of Regulations, including an additional list of animals // Diereverbeteringswet: Verandering aan Tabel 7 van die Regulasies, insluiting van addisionele diere


Dit is een van CHASA se strategiese prioriteite om meer aandag te skenk aan die werwing van junior jagters asook om hulle betrokkenheid in verenigingsaktiwiteite te bevorder.

Gevolglik het die Raad van CHASA besluit om die Junior Jagter/ Mentor Jagfoto-gelukkige Trekking weer in 2019 aan te bied. Dit behels die volgende:


Huntex 2019 - Discounted tickets for CHASA Member Associations

Discounted tickets for a member costs R80, normal tickets are sold at R120 per person.

The ticket must be purchased online via the portal of the HuntEx ticketing provider – iTickets, which can be accessed here: https://itickets.co.za/register/new/411194&referrer=HuntEx2019website. A separate link will be opened for each association wanting to make use of this for their members. Already we have SAHGCA, NHSA and PHASA participating. 

To validate a prospective buyer the purchaser/member will have to type in his/her membership number before the page opens and a ticket can be purchased at the reduced rate. For this to happen iTickets will have to receive the membership list of teh association on a spreadsheet. The contact person for this is Albertus Potgieter at albertus@itickets.co.za or 0834094120.

Please Note: 

  • The discount is only available for public days Friday 26 to Sunday 28 April 2019. 
  • It is only available for an online ticket purchased beforehand. A member arriving at the gate on show days will pay R120 per person. 
  • VIP day tickets are also only sold online and cost R200 per person.

Notice to CHASA Members CFR and Firearm News.

Dear CHASA Members
There has been little new news in the firearm ownership situation lately, but it is appropriate that we bring you up to date with some issues and remind you of a few others.


CHASA Advice To Holders Of Firearms With Expired Licences

Following our notice dated 4 July 2018 wherein we expressed our view that the only an AMNESTY, Declared by The Minister, can solve the current crisis facing firearm owners who failed to renew their licences in terms of Sec 24 of the FCA, we are extremely pleased to share the information that this now appears to be the likely outcome.


Chasa Interim Notice To Members And The Firearm Owning Public

(While we await official SAPS Directives from the NATIONAL Commissioner, we cannot in good conscience give guaranteed advice. Much speculation is happening. This notice therefore indicates our current best information and commentary)

There are TWO categories of persons who fall into the above general category:

1)Those who transitioned in the period between 2006 and 2009 from the old “GREEN LICENCE” to the new act’s “WHITE LICENCE”.

2)Those whom acquired their firearm under the NEW ACT, and have only ever held a so called “WHITE LICENCE”


Dear CHASA Board Member
Please circulate this CHASA Renewals Survey link below as far and wide as possible. It is set up for both CHASA affiliate members down to grassroots level as well as non-members.

The link is also on the CHASA Facebook page.

Profile Of The Local Hunter In SA

Please read Afrikaanse or English Cover Letter

Questionnaire to follow:

Weenen Birding Weekend - 1-3 November 2019

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Field and Vlei Range Calendar 2019

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Senior Hunters Course - Cancelled due to poor response.

CITES - Information From The True Green Alliance

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FreeMe KZN Custodian Newsletter - June 2019

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Dispose of Fishing Line Responsibly

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Custodian Newsletter June 2019

We were recently asked a very pertinent question by a member of the public: ‘Why is it legal to own a Serval in the USA, but in South Africa, you need a permit?’

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Custodian Newsletter April 2019

Please note we have a Custodian Insight coming up on the 15th of May at 2pm. There is a post mortem due on a Caracal, and as sad as it is that we lost this beautiful animal, doing a post mortem will help us to understand the extent of the injuries sustained in the motor vehicle accident that resulted in its death. Custodians are welcome to join our team as we take a deeper look at the type of injuries that can result from motor vehicle collisions as well as the best course of actions in stabilising and treating patients with similar injuries. 

Bookings are essential for Custodian Insights as space is limited, so please let me know if you would like to attend.

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Custodian Newsletter - February 2019

Good day Custodians,

Please find attached the February newsletter. There are a couple of activities coming up, so please check the newsletter and let me know if you would like to attend any of them. Some of the details are not finalised, but at least if I know you are interested, I will be able to send you through details before the activities are advertised on our Facebook page. Remember, as Custodians, you get first choice (and discounts) on any events and activities.

The Custodian Insight planned for the end of Feb is free and only open to Custodians, but space is always limited, so please book if you want to attend that. Details are on the newsletter.

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Dr George Hughes Patron Announcement

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Dear Custodian, 

Please find attached our newsletter for August. 

Please take note of the activities listed. 

Pat McKrill is hosting another one of his very popular Snake Awareness Courses. Pat is an absolute fundi on snakes, and the information he will pass on is invaluable. He will also demonstrate how to safely handle and relocate snakes, which is a valuable tool to have if you live in remote areas where calling a snake handler out might be difficult. This course is open to the public, so please pass the news on to any friends or family who might be interested in learning about snakes. 

All the courses and events need to be booked, so please book your places as soon as possible as numbers are limited.

Custodian Newsletter – August 2019

Introduction into the wonderful world of Reloading

Dear members,

Join us for an “Introduction into the wonderful world of Reloading”.

Date: Saturday, 2 November 2019
Time: 09H00 to 13H00
Cost: R450 per member

Presenter: Arthur Marsden from Art of Ammunition (Former from Kings)

Bookings: Mark Hawkins Tel 082 932 1447 or email markha@discoverymail.co.za

Who should attend: If you are thinking of starting to reload or have just started or if you have been reloading for a while but want to improve your knowledge, then please join us for an informative day. The following topics will be covered during the course:

  1. Why reload
  2. The Do’s and Dont’s of Reloading
  3. The Reloading Equipment Required
  4. Getting started in a systematic and step by step guide from start to finish. Set up of equipment to the completed ammunition.
  5. Load Development
  6. Get involved on a practical level so in order to understand the processes and equipment better.

Best Regards,
Willem De Valence

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