Theres an absolute surety to the hands-on conservation lifestyle of hunting, fishing and trapping where you know ’you are going to consume today. -Ted Nugent

Fred Scheepers Chairman
Robert Kötting
Pat Lowry
Fransois Basson
Frits Nel
Jacques Naude
Rob Hudson
Cassie van der Spuy
Adriaan Roets
Deon Rossouw Chairman, Hunting and Waterholes
Gavin Longmore Deputy Chairman, Conservation & Training
Mithesh Maharaj Shooting
Musa Ngcobo Shooting
Carmen Erasmus Shooting, Admin, Training
Willy Page Waterholes
Sakkie van Vuuren Training and Waterholes
Mike Zietsman Waterholes
Bevyn Morgan Admin
Geoff Muller Chairman
Okkie Olivier Secretary
Marek Stawicki Treasurer
Melissa McKee PRO
Johan Fick Represent Utrecht
Adriaan Dippenaar Training
Selwyn Low Senior/Junior Hunters Assistant Trainer
Mort Mortassagne Shooting
Anthony Barraball Additional Member
David Swart Additional Member
Len Stoop Additional Member
Koos Bruwer Additional Member
Mike Poole Additional Member
Gerrit Craffert Additional Member
Linus van Heerden Additional Member
Tertius Dreyer Sub-Committee
Roland du Preez Sub-Committee
Rudi van Rooyen Sub-Committee
Owen Geekie Chairman
Danby Anderson Vice Chairman
Jan Human Treasurer
De Wet Jacobs
Rob Fortmann
Jansen Webb
Piet Buys
Hennie Brits Chairman, Marketing & PR and Training
Wollie Wolmarans Vice Chairman, Shooting, Shoots & Range
Hendrik van der Linde Conservation & Youth Development
Rynette Wolmarans Treasurer/Finance
Amanda van der Linde Secretary
Willem de Valence Youth development
Adriaan Vorster Fundraising, events, PRO & Waterholes, Hunting