There is a passion for hunting something deeply implanted in the human breast.-Charles Dickens

By Gieppie Jansen van Rensburg

I would like to thank all the trainers who have presented courses during the past year. Their dedication and commitment is highly appreciated. Below is a summary of training received at the various branches.

Training forms a very important part of the Association, equipping our members to respect our wildlife resources and the value of life. Training is alive and well in the Association and I would like to encourage members to attend these courses and build camaraderie with their fellow hunters.

My apologies for any not reflected in the summary.
Hunting Courses:
Midlands Branch:
Senior and Junior Hunters Training:

Martin Erasmus, Dawie Scholtz, Gieppie Jansen van Rensburg, Carmen Erasmus, Stacey Erasmus, Sakkie van Vuuren, Marthinus Bekker and Johan Odendaal are normally responsible for Senior and Junior Hunters Courses. Midlands Branch ran the following Training Courses in the last Financial Year:

Senior Hunters Course, 10-13 March 2016, Inkwazi – 14 students
Junior Hunters Course, 7-10 July 2016, Nyala Pans – 13 students

Drakensberg Branch:

I would like to thank Dawie Boyce for all of his time spent on part-time courses. A total of 34 members were trained.

Durban Branch:
A Senior Hunters Course was held at Camp El Olam from 26-29 May 2016. It was attended by 15 members. Thank you to Mike Bingham, Andre Postma, Chris Cox and Donovan Brown.

Upper Tugela Branch:
Courses offered when needed – two students attended.

Training Summary as at 18 October 2016:

Members with Dedicated status                        998
Members with Proficiency status                     1288
Members with Professional Status                      25
Members with Dedicated Sport Shoot status      57
Members with Handgun Sport Shoot status        14