There is a passion for hunting something deeply implanted in the human breast.-Charles Dickens

“There is value in any experience that exercises those ethical restraints collectively called sportsmanship.”

– Aldo Leopold

Training Report

KZN Hunting and Conservation Association

By Steven MacDonald


Firstly, I wish to thank those who give so much in presenting these courses. The commitment is high and our trainers give of themselves year after year. Below is a summary of training received from the branches, and may not reflect all training completed as I have not had a complete response. My apologies to any not reflected in the summary.

I am pleasantly surprised at the large number of courses still being run and candidates qualified. Training is alive and well within our Association.



From 7-9 December 2012, a special Senior Hunters Course took place.

When Kieron Moore relocated to Durban, his close relationship with Zululand branch was exploited to allow for a combined Zululand and Durban Branch senior hunters course. A total of 23 candidates from both Zululand and Durban got together, with trainers from both branches in attendance. The large number of candidates and trainers required that careful planning was needed in order to cover all aspects and ensure a successful outcome. With the large number of students, some of the younger candidates were happy to camp out in a tent on the lawn of the lodge and all were comfortably accommodated. Some of the local participants travelled home each evening, which also helped.

Junior Ranger’s courses were held from 30th March to 1st April (6 candidates) and from 29th June to 1st July (12 candidates).

These courses were presented on Tonevale game lodge in the Heatonville district in northern KZN. The lecturers were Hennie Brits and Wollie Wolmarans, with spouses Anne and Rynette helping with the food and drinks.

To Leo Mattioda, a stalwart member of this branch, a big thanks for giving KZN Hunting’s Zululand Branch the opportunity to use Tonevale game lodge and facilities.


Due to the resignation of our trainer, Kieron Moore (who has moved to the Western Cape), we did not have any training courses. Our members attended the Zululand/Durban Branch combined course from the 7th to 9th of December 2012.

A huge thank you to the branches that accommodated Durban Branch members.


We only had two people doing the course so far this year, I am in fact still busy with the second guy at the moment. Things are a bit slow on the training side here by us this year, a number of guys want to do the course but are unable to due to work pressure (Mittal).


No training completed.


Senior Hunters Courses: 14-17 March (13 candidates)
and 21-24 September (15 candidates).
Junior Hunters Course: 2-5 April (26 candidates).
Bow Hunting Course: 6-9 June (5 candidates, 4 qualified).

Alfred County

Senior Hunters Course: Weekend of 25th May, held at Lake Eland
(20 people took part).
Junior Hunters Course: Weekend of 7th April, held at Cedarberg in Cedarville
(24 juniors took part).

Upper Tugela

We had one candidate who successfully completed a Senior Hunters Course, both the theory and shooting test, and one who only attempted the shooting test, which the passed. We did not present any junior courses this year.