TALA safari experience for World Forestry Congress delegates

During the week of 7 September this year, Durban ICC hosted the 14th World Forestry Congress. At this Congress was a delegation from the International Council for Game and Wildlife Conservation – or CIC. This group is a politically independent advisory body which aims to preserve wild game and hunting. Essentially, they promote the sustainable use of wildlife resources, which includes the natural forest areas around the world. As members of CHASA, our Association is affiliated to CIC.

Who’s Hunting Warthogs

CW Lubbe with brother Gideon (right) Warthog harvested with a .375 H&H Father and Son Left: Doppies Lubbe with his Warthog. He used a Winchester .308 using a 165grain Hornady bullet. Right: CW Lubbe, who used a Browning A bolt 375. 300grain PMP bullet. Gideon Lubbe with a Warthog hunted using a .243 Musgrave using…

Who’s Hunting

From left, Jay and Jovan Marian at Estcourt with a Blesbok shot with a Brno 30-06 using Rhino 180gr bullets. —————————- Jay Marian with a Black Wildebeest Taken at Bergville with a Brno 30-06 using Rhino 180 gr bullets. —————————- Blesbok taken by Jay Marian With a Bowtech Assassin Bow and a 125gr Slick Trick…

Junior Hunters

Rhys Williams with an Impala Taken at 75m with a heart shot MY CHANCE TO HUNT AT KAMEELKOP By Rhys Williams I had the privilege of being invited to go on a hunt with my father and other members of the Newcastle Branch of the KZN Hunting and Conservation Association at Kameelkop. I even got…

Ding Dong Gong Shooting

By Owen Geekie Another successful Ding Dong Gong shoot was held by the Upper Tugela branch of the KZNHCA on 21 November 2015, as their end-of-year function. Registration began at 9am on Rietkul Farm, the home of our Chairman Piet Buys. With the shoot scheduled to begin at 10am, the shooting range on the farm…

Horn and Tusk

It might be because of the economic climate or the drought, but we had far fewer horn and tusk entries at the 2015 Midlands Branch AGM in comparison to previous years.  However, there were some really good trophies.

JJ de Valence shoots his way to gold!

JJ de Valence of Richards Bay High School “Musketeers!” had his scope set bang on target at the second league round of the South African National Shooters Union (SANSSU) on 20 February 2016 at Pionier High School in Vryheid. JJ claimed gold in the U14 Sporter Class, earning the medal after collecting 358 points out of a possible 600.