The annual CHASA inter-association shoot was once again hosted at Monte Bello Estate just outside Bloemfontein. The 52 (four man) teams representing 20 of the CHASA-affiliated associations were greeted with cold and windy conditions on Saturday 30 April. The participants gathered on Friday evening for a briefing session, a meal and some time to catch up with old friends.

The KZN Hunting and Conservation Association entered three teams in the Open Division, as well as a veteran’s team and, for the first time, a junior team. The wind caused a very fair range to ultimately be rather challenging.  The ranges were set out as follows:

Range 1
A gong range, shot prone over an “ant heap”. The gongs were set out between 230m and 290m

Range 2
Another gong range. One team member had to shoot standing, another kneeling, a third sitting and the last one prone using long shooting sticks as the rest. Some smaller gongs were thrown into the mix and they were set out between 200m and 270m.

Range 3
The Blesbuck target was at about 150m.  Once again, each team member had to shoot from a different position, using a “twee poot” shooting stick as a rest.

Range 4
The Impala target was placed at approximately 280m.  Here, one team member had to stand using long shooting sticks, another had to sit over an ant heap and two could shoot prone over concrete blocks provided.  On this range, the wind blew straight across the face of the target, making shooting conditions very challenging.

Range 5
The Jackal target was at about 70m, to be shot freehand standing with no assistance whatsoever. No rests or gun belts were allowed. Once again, in the buffeting wind, this small target proved difficult to score points on.

Range 6
The Warthog target was set out at about 170m. The shooting was done from the sitting position with a thin, 500mm-long stick provided as assistance if needed.

Most of the participants were finished by mid-afternoon.

This year, the  live score sheet was projected onto a wall and this provided for great excitement as the positions constantly fluctuated as the scores for the teams were added
range by range.

We are very proud of our A Team who, for the third year out of four, have won the coveted CHASA TROPHY, beating Kaapjag – A. This team included two Springboks, the World Champion and a member of the President’s team.



Last but not least, our junior team competed for the first time this year.  The junior class is made up of shotists 18 years and younger.  Our young team were 14, 13, 10 and 8 years old, and they competed against much older opponents.

In light of this, we are very proud of our youngsters who did very well and were eventually placed third in the junior section after Suid Kaap juniors were penalised  some points. They really enjoyed the day and we encourage more dads and youngsters to start participating.

The day was ended off with the prize giving and a delicious sit-down dinner.

The members who represented the KZN Hunting and Conservation Association sincerely appreciate the support and assistance from Head Office and the branches who contributed to making it possible for such a big contingent to attend the shoot.


We would also like to thank the KZN Hunting Rifle Association branch for sponsoring our juniors.

To all our team members who each did their bit and their best, thank you very much for making the weekend an
enjoyable outing.

Until next year – keep the lead in the air.