Civilized life has altogether grown too tame, and, if it is to be stable, it must provide a harmless outlets for the impulses which our remote ancestors satisfied in hunting.-Bertrand Russell


Due to the Land Restitution Act, local communities in the rural areas of KwaZulu-Natal have found themselves in a position of ownership over the land they live on for the first time in generations.

With this sudden responsibility comes a number of problems related to the care, maintenance and conservation of these community reserve areas. The ecosystems of these areas need to be safeguarded, and the potential economic and ecological rewards reaped in a sustainable way.

These areas could provide income and employment opportunities for these communities, while the use of the land could be optimised to the benefit of the people, wildlife, and those seeking to ethically hunt within its borders.

The primary goal of the Nemvelo Group is to provide the support, systems, and knowledge of biodiversity needed to assist these communities to stand on their own, bringing them into a future that will not only see them thrive, but offer long-lasting benefits to all parties involved.

Thus, the birth of Nemvelo Resource Management and the Nemvelo Trust.

Nemvelo Resource Management
(Largely inside the reserve area)

This Public Benefit Company (not for gain) will provide a variety of products and services to the owners/operators of reserves and ensure that the owner is empowered to provide a professional and efficient offering to all stakeholders.

The objectives of the company include:

  • Conservation, rehabilitation and protection of the natural environment
  • Education and training in environmental awareness
  • Poverty relief through community development and job creation

These objectives will be achieved by:

  • Operational support at community reserves
  • Business management support
  • Conservation and Land Use management and
  • Resource management guidance and support

The following departments, operating mainly within the game reserve, will include:

  • Youth – Guide youngsters to understand the importance and benefits of biodiversity
  • Conservation – Support the greater conservation efforts in the province of KZN
  • Training – Provide a range of training courses
  • Resource Management – Extract an income from the reserve for the benefit of all stakeholders

Typically, Nemvelo Resource Management would assume managerial control of certain community land, to ensure that the land use conforms to recognised conservation and operational standards; including the upkeep of roads, fencing, all facilities and veld management. Managerial support will be provided until such time as the communities themselves are in a position to assume the responsibility for this business environment.

Working alongside Nemvelo Resource Management, Nemvelo Trust will provide support and assistance to communities living outside the reserve, with the objective of realising the benefit from resources within the reserves to those outside.

Nemvelo Trust
(Largely outside the reserve area)

The Trust will work with communities to identify opportunities, source funding, and manage donor expenditure. It will also seek to educate, in terms of demonstrating the benefit of keeping land as game reserves, both in terms of conservation and the nurturing of a valuable community property.

In essence, the Trust will provide social and professional support to the communities to protect their asset, while facilitating their increasing ability to work for themselves and become independent.

All profits, including those from income and donations, will be go back into making the goals of the Trust a reality and furthering the community biodiversity network.

Associated organisations
(At present)

current Directors
(Nemvelo Resource Management)

Peter Konigkramer Patrick Acutt
Caryn Penderis Kevin Penderis
Richard Mabaso Mnqobi Ngubane Bruce Ambrose

current Trustees
(Nemvelo Trust)

Caryn Penderis
Richard Mabaso
Mnqobi Ngubane
Bruce Ambrose

For more information contact:
Bruce Ambrose 082 807 0602
or Peter Konigkramer 082 872 3415