Rhys-WilliamsRhys Williams with an Impala
Taken at 75m with a heart shot

By Rhys Williams

I had the privilege of being invited to go on a hunt with my father and other members of the Newcastle Branch of the KZN Hunting and Conservation Association at Kameelkop. I even got a day off school – yippee!

We left really early in the morning and met up with everybody at Kameelkop for sighting in of our guns and briefing at around 7am. It was a little later that morning, while walking through the reserve, that the senior members presented me with an opportunity to shoot my first impala ram.

The impala was about 75 metres away in a wooded area. As one knows, there is no hesitating, and I was ready. I fired and achieved a perfect heart shot, with the impala only running about 15 metres before collapsing. I then proceeded with my father to retrieve the animal and brought it back to the rest of the members. They showed their approval of a good shot placement. It was a very exciting moment for me as I was praised by all as to the manner in which the hunt was conducted.

I have had a skull mount of the animal done and the horns measured 21½ inches. I thank the Association for the opportunity afforded to me.


Peter Van Rooyen (7 years old) with Blue Wildie

Seven-year-old Peter van Rooyen in Vryheid hunted this blue wildebeest in Vryheid during July 2015, using a calibre .243 at
120 metres.


Adrienne Witthuhn (12 years old) with a Blesbuck