Civilized life has altogether grown too tame, and, if it is to be stable, it must provide a harmless outlets for the impulses which our remote ancestors satisfied in hunting.-Bertrand Russell


By Glenn Bissett

Our Group met every month at the Moth Hall in Darnall. Our meetings are always full of interesting debates and banter with some good socialising around the braai after each meeting.

This year Stephan Diedericks, a local knife maker, gave us a talk on knife making and displayed some of the knives he had made.

Our group also held monthly range days at the Umhlali Shooting Range, and a big thank you goes out to Johnny Klusner, Anthony Balcomb and John Gillat for cutting the grass at the range. Thanks also go to Stuart Gillbanks and Mike Cohen for their assistance and support at all our range days.

Our last meeting and range day for 2016 will be held in November.