There is a passion for hunting something deeply implanted in the human breast.-Charles Dickens

By Martin Erasmus


Pietermaritzburg Waterhole


Midlands Branch has a Waterhole at the Underwater Club in Pietermaritzburg on the second Thursday of every month. An exciting new development was that during Carmen’s absence, three young people, namely Mike Zietsmann, Gareth Muir and Linda Dickinson, have taken over the running of the Waterholes. They have done a splendid job. Willy is still as reliable as ever as barman.


Last year we had a demonstration by Crown National and Country Blockman, who had processed some meat and gave us ideas about what was available. Their approaches are different. Crown National caters for the hunter who wants to process his own meat and they have spices, sauces, casings and equipment at their branch in Pietermaritzburg. Country Blockman, on the other hand, processes the meat for the hunter if a clean carcass is dropped off with them after making prior arrangements. They now have a year’s experience in doing this at their premises in Howick. Dave Joubert came in May 2016 and gave us an informative update and new ideas that they have come up with. Hunters who have used their services have been very pleased with