Hunting has opened the earth to me and let me sense the rhythms and hierarchies of nature.-Charles Fergus


By Piet Buys

It has been another busy year for the Upper Tugela branch! We have managed to host eight successful shoots, attracting more than 200 entries.

The challenge is always to cater for all shooting styles and weaponry. We therefore hosted two large rifle gong shoots, a large rifle night gong shoot and a .22 gong shoot. We also hosted two Clay Pigeon shoots, a handgun shoot and a three gun shoot consisting of a large rifle, shotgun and handgun.

A special thanks to Stewart Affleck from Ihawu Training Centre in Pinetown who assisted us in our pistol shoot, showing us the finer detail in operating our hand weapons.

Upper Tugela was again well represented at various shoots throughout the country this year and I would like to commend all the members for their time and effort.

Currently, we have a membership complement of 90 members, which is slightly lower than our 2015 figure.

I would like to thank Jan Human for his time and effort in presenting another Senior Hunters Course this year, as well as Owen Geekie for looking after our equipment and for the usage of his farm as the venue for our shoots.