Problem solving is hunting. It is savage pleasure and we are born to it. -Thomas Harris

“There is value in any experience that exercises those ethical restraints collectively called sportsmanship.”

– Aldo Leopold

Impact of Biltong Hunters in SA

A research project done during 2007 by the North West University to determine the National Profile and Economic Impact of Biltong Hunters in South Africa has been released (July 2008). The survey focused on the following:

  • Number of animals hunted
  • Number of hunting trips
  • Group Size
  • How much is spent on biltong hunting, country-wide, per season?
  • Which species do hunters most prefer to hunt?
  • Which provinces are the major hunting destinations?

It also included the impact of the Firearm Control Act on hunting.

The following are only a few highlights of the National Biltong Hunter Profile (South African 2007):
70% Of respondents prefer to hunt in a group ; 41% drives a Toyota and 46% a 4X4; spends an average of R9805 per season (excl. game) and R12 252 on game per season, totaling R22 058 per person per season. The main reason for hunting is for biltong, with a .30-06 Springfield as the preferred type of calibre. 83% Of the respondents were proficiency graded. 67% received their competency certificates from the CFR and 78% have applied for the re-issuing of their firearm licences.
There are much more details entailed in the document.

Download the entire pdf document.