SAGA is proud to announce the appointment of three new Trustees, Damian Enslin (top) Stef Grobler (middle) and Jonathan Deal (bottom). All three are very involved with firearms and are determined to work to grow SAGA to the benefit of all responsible firearm owners.

Damian is in his early forties, and is married with two young children. He is an Attorney, Notary, Conveyancer and equal equity partner at Michael Matthews & Associates in Cape Town.

Firearm related issues form approximately 30% of his practise, and he deals primarily with licence applications for private and business purposes, Section 102 hearings, business accreditation and sports shooting accreditation applications and various firearm related issues. Damian has a wide interest in shooting and firearms. He is a member of and holds dedicated sports shooting status with the Western Shooters of South Africa – WSSA – (national and mother body for Cowboy Action Shooting in South Africa) and is currently their national Chairperson.

He was integral in drafting the Constitution, founding documentation, and various other administrative documents for the formal establishment of the organisation as well as being responsible for the handling of the application for Accreditation as a Sports Shooting Organisation with SAPS. He has also been involved in establishing WSSA as a national sports shooting organisation in South Africa.

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