Donovan Nel christened his new “second-hand” Chapuis 7×64, loaded with 162gr Hornady SST bullets with 44 grains of S355. The shot was taken at 180m with an estimated velocity of 2 450 feet per second.


Andre Nel used a Brno 30-06, loaded with 165-grain Hornady Interlocks with 61 grains of S361. The shot was taken at 200 metres with an estimated velocity of 2 800 feet per second.


Ricardo van Amstel shot this Blesbok shot at 165m
with a 30-06.


His Impala was shot by Ricardo van Amstel at 150m using a 30.06


Ricardo van Amstel felled this Warthog from 50m with his 30-06.


Des Govender with an Impala ram hunted in the Vryheid area. The ram was shot at approximately 70 metres with a Sabatti .270 loaded with a 140gr Hornady SST bullet.


Des Govender with a Bushbuck ram hunted in the Highflats area. The ram was shot at 140 metres with a Winchester .243 loaded with a 100gr Sierra Game King bullet.


Neven Pillay harvested this Kudu cow with a Howa .300 Win Mag, using a Hornady 165gr GMX bullet.


Ricardo van Amstel (pictured right) hunted this Kudu bull in the Umkomaas valley with a .375 H&H using PMP 300gr softs.


Neven Pillay with a Bushpig shot with a Brno .270 and 150gr PMP ammo.


Jerushan Pillay with his first Impala ewe, shot with a Ruger. 243 at a distance of 110 metres.


Indhran Naidoo shot these two Springbok about 10 seconds apart using his .270 Win at a distance of about 250 metres. The weapon was loaded with 150gr Hornadys.


Indhran Naidoo, accompanied by Avish, shot this Kudu in the Colenso area in December using his .270 Win loaded with a 150gr Hornady bullet. The dressed weight on this animal should have been approximately 160kg, but due to the drought, this one weighed only 120kg.


Indhran Naidoo harvested this Eland cow in the Danielskuil area using his 375h&h loaded with a 250gr Sierra bullet.


Indhran Naidoo harvested this Blesbok in the Danielskuil area using is 375h&h at a range of over 250m.


Des Govender was the lucky winner of the raffle held at last year’s Alfred County AGM. The prize was a Blesbok hunt, and Des managed to connect with a magnificent specimen. This Blesbok was shot at 186 metres with his faithful .270 loaded with a Hornady 140gr SST bullet. The hunt took place in the Kokstad area.


Tommy Govender with his Blue Wildebeest hunted in the Vryheid area. He fired the shot with his 7mm Rem Mag at a distance of 146 metres.


Des Govender with a Blue Wildebeest hunted in the Vryheid area. This bull was shot at a distance of 87 metres with a .270 using a 140gr Hornady SST bullet.


Caleb Vermaak with 14+ inch Springbok, taken with a .243 using 100gr bullets at 165 metres.


Emily Vermaak with her brother Caleb and her mother Sarah. The family is showcasing Emily’s stunning Zebra stallion, taken with a 30-06 at
180 metres.


Sarah Vermaak with a 40-inch Gemsbok bull hunted in the Kalahari. Sarah used a 30-06 150gr. The bull was taken at 155 metres.


Luyolo (LION) Makaula (left) shot this Black Wildebeest at 300 metres using a Winchester. 338 with 200gr bullets. His hunting buddy on the right is Neven Pillay.


Kyle Lello shot this 38.5-inch Gemsbok at Potfontein in the Northern Cape with a .300 Win Mag using a Barnes TSX 180gr bullet.

Brendan Fike with Nyala Bull taken at 130m with a Sako .375 H&H 270gr Rhino; Northern KZN Pondwane Concession, Louwsberg.

Brendan Fike with a Nyala bull taken at 130 metres using a Sako .375 with H&H 270gr Rhino bullets. The hunt took place at the Northern KZN Pondwane Concession, Louwsberg


Kyle Lello shot this old Warthog male at a distance of 55m with a Mauser M12 270, using a Barnes TSX 130gr bullet.


Brendan Fike with an Impala ram taken at 110 metres with a Musgrave .243 Win using 100gr bullets. The hunt took place at Mpofini Game Lodge in Vryheid.


MJ Hillhouse shot this magnificent Warthog with 14.5-inch tusks after a walk and stalk through sugarcane. The shot was fired with a 12-gauge shotgun using a slug.


Brendan Fike with a Bushpig sow taken at 52 metres with
a Musgrave .243Win 100gr, at Camperdown.


Steven Rouillon with Bushpig Boar taken at 52m with a Ruger .30-06 200gr Sako Hammerhead Sub-Sonic Load; ATN X-Sight; Camperdown KZN


Neil Steyn shot this Impala ram at Benghoil Game Ranch in Cathcart, Eastern Cape. He used a .308 Winchester shot from 80 metres. With him in the photo is Koos Smith and the tracker.


Don Olifant shot this Eland at Spioenkop with a
30-60 using a TSX bullet. It was shot after a one-and-a-half-hour stalk.


Arthur Lello with a magnificent Kudu, shot at Spioenkop with a .300 win mag at a distance of 193 metres.


Arthur Lello shot this Eland at Spioenkop, central KwaZulu-Natal, using a .300 win mag. The shot was taken from a distance of 157 metres.