Post Date: 28 Nov 2019

By Hennie Brits

It has been a privilege for me to serve on the Zululand Branch Committee as Chairman for 2019 and it gives me great pleasure to provide you with my report for the year.

Despite our healthy membership, we fail to see an increasing attendance at branch activities including monthly shoots, waterholes etc. This is not a unique challenge to our branch but throughout associations in KwaZulu-Natal and other hunting associations in South Africa.

The committee remains committed to serve our members at all times. Taking into account, that each of the committee members has voluntary offered their personal valuable time and effort, expecting nothing in return. To all of the committee members that continue to add value to our branch, thank you very much for your unselfish and continuous support to this branch.

I would also like to take this opportunity to thank all of our members whom have continued to support our various branch activities throughout the year. A big thank you goes to each of these members! Let’s continue to make use of all of the opportunities afforded to us to make our branch bigger, better and stronger for all members to enjoy.


Our membership had a slight downward trend this year. After the annual cancellations this year, our membership at the end of September 2019 now stands at 316 members. However, we had 33 new members joining Zululand since the beginning of the year. Thanks to all those members who chose KZN Hunters Zululand Branch to be their choice of hunting and shooting association.

Finance / Treasure – Rynette Wolmarans

Our branch financials were reviewed with the Association auditors as part of our annual audit and all affairs were confirmed to be in order. Our financials are shared with the Association Financial Committee and will be presented to all association members at the Association AGM.

Thanks to Rynette who has very capably handled the finances and ensured that our Zululand Branch finances were sound and compliant throughout the year. Rynette continues to present the details of all transactions at each meeting during the year for the entire committee to peruse our financial state of affairs.

Our branch finances are still at a low, mainly due to limited funds raised from our branch side this year. On a positive side, we benefit a small income from EXCO for the initiative of the entrance fees for 10 new members proposed at Branch level. A reminder for Branches to earn 50% of the value of the advertising rate for new adverts in the Nyala News magazine, sourced at Branch level, on receipt of payment from the advertiser. We encourage all members to support this as any funds to our branch are much appreciated.

Hunting, DCAC, Records – Adriaan Vorster

The Branch and Association continued to inform our members of hunting opportunities across the province. The need for Proficiency grading and Dedicated Hunter’s Status were emphasized throughout the year to all of our members. Our branch also continued to afford our members the opportunity to meet these needs and requirements by offering the same throughout the year. Proficiency grading and Dedicated Hunter Status are requirements should our members wish to make use of association hunting opportunities and DCAC activities.

Shoots, Shooting, Range – Wollie Wolmarans

Zululand continued to use the Duku-Duku Shooting Range in Mtubatuba and had a branch shoot most months throughout the year.

The facilities at the shooting range are still maintained by the branch and are in a fair condition. A big thanks to 121 Battalion who granted us access to use the shooting range.

Sadly, the support from our members at the shoots has been on the low side throughout the year. We have had between two and fifteen members making use of this opportunity on a monthly basis. This serves as a reminder of our monthly shoots every last Saturday of the month at the Duku-Duku range, starting at 08H00, unless otherwise arranged or cancelled. If any members have any proposal as to increase the member participation at our monthly shoots, please do not hesitate to contact Wollie.

I would like to emphasise that it is still a privilege for our members to have access to a shooting range of this size at no direct cost to our members. I look forward to support from our members to ensure our continued use of this shooting range.

I would like to thank Wollie for his continuous support and maintenance on the shooting range.

Training – Hennie Brits

Our goal in the Association remains to train and involve juniors in all our activities to ensure better ethical hunters for tomorrow.

This year training for senior and junior hunters kicked off at a very slow pace. We experienced very low interest and had to re-schedule these courses a few times, as it is not economical to run them for a limited number of candidates. We will endeavour to have these course available to all interested in future.

On the positive side, we still support the “Doppie for Youth” program where Wildlands offers the opportunity to under privilege kids to hunt.

We continue to look for hunting opportunities and support from our landowners and urge landowners to contact your committee members should they be interested in this or other junior hunting projects.

Willem De Valence, from our Durban branch, continues with youth development and can be contacted directly if you want the kids to participate in these initiatives and hunting opportunities.


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