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Here at the KwaZulu-Natal Hunting Shooting and Conservation Association, we strive to promote fair, ethical hunting through our actions and attitudes. Hunting unfortunately has a negative image to the general public. Despite what you may think, hunters are conservationists, and if it weren’t for the hunting industry, conservation would not be what it is today. Interested in learning more? Read more here…
We hope that this website will help to educate and inform, so that you may understand a little more about what we do and stand for.

Foot And Mouth Outbreak – Changes In FMD DMA

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Phongolo Auction Hunts 2021- Bidding Results

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VAR Safaris

VAR Safaris Booking Info And Hunting Rules 2021 – Download PDF
VAR Safaris Game Pricelist 2021 – Download PDF
VAR Safaris Packages 2021 – Download PDF

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KZN DMA Movement Control Protocol

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New Web Platform for listing Biltong Hunts

Integrity is a word that is seldom associated with the biltong hunting fraternity in Southern Africa. We all (both farmers and hunters) seem to get painted with the brush that is associated with those on the bottom rung of the ethics ladder.

I’ve developed a web platform (f2h.co.za), a cross between a Yellow Pages and an Airbnb, that aims to address some of the integrity shortfalls.

Farmers list their hunting opportunities, on their own webpage, on f2h.co.za.  It costs them nothing thus no costs to pass on to hunters. This is the “Yellow Pages” part.  Hunters are able to search and find everything related to bilton hunting on a single website.

Hunters pay a very small (less than the cost of a box of ammo) annual subscription for access to the f2h.co.za where all the abovementioned listings reside.  The essence of the platform is that every time a hunter visits a farm, both he and the farmer will review the other from within the platform. This is the “Airbnb” part.

The biggest problem facing hunters is that they know too few farmers. The biggest problem facing farmers is where to find hunters that they do not have to play policeman from the moment the hunter arrives on the farm.

With reviews being mandatory, both parties are now able to make their decisions after carefully considering the opinions of their peers.  Hunters have limitless opportunities, literally at their fingertips. For R300 plus VAT a year, they are able to see what fellow hunters have said about a farm and then book as many places as they can afford to go. Farmers are able to see what fellow farmers have said about the applicant and make up their minds accordingly.

We do not take ANY money from farmers so it is not possible for a farm to appear at the “top” of or higher up any search page. All farms are ranked equally.  No longer will hunters have to travel long distances for “less than advertised” facilities and animals while having to put up with exorbitant hidden costs. No longer will farmers be at a disadvantage concerning the ethics and character of the hunter applying to hunt on his farm. Everyone in the biltong hunting fraternity now has the incentive to be on their best behavior.

The transparency of the review system, all in one place on the internet, will ensure that integrity becomes the essence of the biltong hunting scene.

The benefits of this platform for hunters are genuinely too numerous to list here.  As to the disadvantages, there simply aren’t any.

Could I ask you and your management team to look at the attached video. It is just over 5 minutes and purports to take a hunter through all the steps of the process from sitting down to find a place to hunt until reviewing the farm after the hunt.

I will be happy to consider suggestions on some sort of mechanism that would accelerate the adoption of the platform by your members.

Although new farms are being loaded daily, the more farms on the database, the better for everyone. With this in mind, f2h.co.za will pay a signed up hunter R100.00 for every viable farm that they get to list on the platform.

Thanking you in advance and please do not hesitate to contact me with any questions you might have.

Allan McCabe.
082 7999 425

After watching the video, go to f2h.co.za click the little “Sign In” button on the top right.

Next to Username, type in Joblogz and next to Password, joseph   (NB! Password changes every few days. Please phone me if it’s out of date and your exco would like to view some farms.)

and then the red Login button below.

Use the search features as per the video.

Please find our introductory offer to KZN Hunters

Your members can click the following links for a perspective of how they will immeasurably enhance their hunting experience by signing up to f2h.co.za (a cross between The Yellow Pages and Airbnb).

Click on this link (Hunter searching for a place to hunt) for an overview of the process from the time a hunter sits down to look for a place to hunt all the way through to his arriving back home and giving the farm a review.

After watching the video above, watch How to sign up to f2h co za and claim your coupon.

KZN Hunting members will benefit from a 30% discount when they sign up before the end of March 2021, using the coupon code KZNHSCA#3X10

Please note that neither of the YouTube videos are available to the general public for obvious reasons. You can only view them if you have the link.

Looking forward to having your members on board and having “first bite at the cherry” so to speak.

Allan McCabe.
082 7999 425

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Hunting Tariffs 2021 – Inhlanhla Game Ranch

Animal tariff list – Download PDF

Fees –Download PDF

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Ezemvelo KZN Wildlife Local Hunting Packages for 2021

Ithala CHA application Hunts 2021 – DOWNLOAD PDF
Ntinini CHA Application Hunts 2021 – DOWNLOAD PDF

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Ebuwahlanga (Kameelkop) Invitation To Members

Dear Members,

I refer you to Newsletter No 1 with regard to the Hunting Opportunities for 2021.

The Hunting Committee has been in negotiations with the new management team contracted by the Boshoek Trust, who own the game farm known to us as Kameelkop, with the purpose of remaining involved and to assist in the sustainability and success of this popular hunting destination.

Below you will find an invitation from the management team of Ebuwahlanga to participate in the funding of essential infrastructure/accommodation/services which will ensure the enterprise has the best opportunity to reach its full potential and remain a sustainable hunting destination.

Qualifying members who are interested in participating in this opportunity are invited to contact the Chairman of the Hunting Committee, Bruce Ambrose, via email: bruceamb@iafrica.com, or on 082 807 0602.

With kind regards,

Chris Jennings

SUMMARY The current situation is:
This well-known hunting destination has been in operation for well over 13 years in the hands of the current owner.
The owner has recently entered into a partnership agreement with an operating entity.
This entity is to increase the overall income generated from the reserve mainly through increased sales of out of season accommodation, hunting and limited high-density cattle grazing (this will be managed in such a manner as to complement the hunting and not detract from it).
Currently, the reserve operations and facilities are not up to a sufficiently high standard and this is negatively impacting on the amenity of the reserve and, consequently, the potential income generation.
Additionally, the power cable from the cold room to the lodge (that has been repaired many times before) recently exploded. The replacement cost is estimated to be in the region on R1,250,000 and unaffordable, so an alternative must be found.
The Trustees and Management have decided to follow this course of action because the funding that was approved by the Government in 2019 has not yet materialised.
To assist with the rehabilitation and future management:
An on-site and experienced reserve management, accommodation and support husband-and-wife team have recently been appointed – as has a young game keeper (in addition to Mr. Njoko, who now has a long-term employment contract).

DEVELOPMENT PLANS Certain facilities are in need of repair or replacement and include:
Refurbish the thatching of the lodge and three existing chalets.
Fitment of a filter to remove the sulphur odour in the water.
Attend to the power supply to the lodge and chalets (thus avoiding further power cable related disruptions).
General maintenance:
Repairs to the walkway and steps down to the fire pit area.
Replace the covers over the chalet geysers and the power distribution box.
Re-establish the gardens.
Sundry repairs to the kitchen area.
Install suitable cooling racks in the cold room, expand the cold room volume and attend to the slaughter area.
Purchase a suitable blower for gardening and firefighting purposes.
Improve anti-poaching efforts, both human (increased staffing effectiveness) and capital (possibly re-electrification of fence, addition of dual cable strands to supplement the wire which is easily cut and/or razor wire along base of fence, replacing old standards) and improve staff effectiveness.
Before the end of the second year,
Rebuild the 4th chalet (that was destroyed by fire).
Procure a second, newer, more serviceable motor vehicle for the reserve operations.

COST The cost of these changes, improvements and maintenance is anticipated to be substantial with projected vehicle, energy and building costs being in the hundreds of thousands.

NEW HUNTING PRINCIPLE The operating entity has adopted a principle of tiered visitors/hunter on the reserve. The tiers are, broadly, Preferred Partners, week day hunters and all other hunters.

The benefits of the three groups are:
Preferred Partners will have guaranteed and preferential time slots with first choice at a wider selection of animal species and genders. Week day hunters will have the next selection of hunting periods and select from what is left on the quota. All Other hunters will have the opportunity to take what may then still available

PROSPECTUS. This prospectus invites hunter who are Proficiency Graded and Dedicated Hunters of KwaZulu Natal Hunting Shooting and Conservation Association (who are in good standing) to become Preferred Partners. The requirements and benefits are:

Preferential hunters will enjoy a guaranteed Ebuwahlanga booking each year Participants will enjoy 5 consecutive nights per year for a period of 5 consecutive years or 3 consecutive years. The Preferred Partner may invite up to 5 people (hunters or non-hunters) to join them at the reserve each year. During these periods, which may vary by arrangement each year, the Preferred Partner will have the entire camp available (6 beds) at no charge. Every year, an Ezemvelo Hunting Permit will reflect the number of animals by specie and gender that are available that year. Each Partner may individually have a ‘wish list’ of animals they would like to harvest. Based on what is available (on the permit) and on a first preference basis, an allocation as close to these ’wish lists’ will be made to each Partner. In February/March each year, a deposit equal to 25% of the ‘wish list’ value plus the other fees will be payable by the Partner to the operating company.

The cost of Preferred Partner tier participation is either R90,000 per concession for a period of 5 years – or R54,000 per concession for a period of 3 years (all income will be spent on capital expenditure, repair, and maintenance of the reserve).

This Preferred Partners funding will initially be in the form of an interest free loan made to the operating entity and will (in terms of the contract) be convert to a grant after 5 years or 3 years. Should the Preferred Partners not benefit for the full period as a result of a default by the operating partnership, any balance of time owned to the Preferred Partners will be refunded by the operating entity at the rate of 1/25 or 1/15 of the initial input cost per lodge night then outstanding.
Pending the scale of interest, the number of preferential hunters may be limited

INVITATION You are cordially invited to express your interest in participating in this Preferred Partner programme and comment on the details of the structure and organisation of the scheme.

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Kukama Wildsplaas – Vaalwater

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