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Here at the KwaZulu-Natal Hunting Shooting and Conservation Association, we strive to promote fair, ethical hunting through our actions and attitudes. Hunting unfortunately has a negative image to the general public. Despite what you may think, hunters are conservationists, and if it weren’t for the hunting industry, conservation would not be what it is today. Interested in learning more? Read more here…
We hope that this website will help to educate and inform, so that you may understand a little more about what we do and stand for.

Gariep Eco Reserve, Badsfontein, Venterstad – Twenty Twenty One

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Draft Level 3 Permit for Travel – Biodiversity Sector

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Dorfling Safaris Game Prices 2019 + Rules


The terrain consists mostly of thorn veld which varies in density due to altitude variances of between 875m to 950m above see level. The hunting area is roughly 2600ha which is game fenced. There is approximately 18km of Bushmans river frontage with the largest waterfall on the bushmans river at approximately 35m high. This is also prime fishing habitat for yellow fish and carp on fly and other baits.


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ECPTA Hunt Pack Catalogue – Online Auction

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Bow Hunting Opportunity – Ingwelala Lodge

We are a specialist bow hunting farm situated in the Zululand lowveld about 28km outside of Pongola, KwaZulu-Natal, on the road between Vryheid and Pongola, easily accessible by any vehicle.

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SAPA Auction Packages

Pakkette : SAPA W app Veiling groep nommer 1

Al die pakette word aangebied ten bata van Suid Afrikaanse Roofdier Vereniging

Die pakkette is reeds geplaas op die W App groep SAPA Veiling. Indien jy belangstel kan jy SAPA kantoor Deon Swart skakel en hy sal jou op die groep plaas. Jou aanbod kan dan per w app geplaas word .


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Directions for Biodiversity for Alert Level 3 5 June 2020

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Kameelkop Hunting Opportunity 2020

Booking application and wish list 2020

The principal hunter must be Proficiency Graded. All hunters must be paid-up members of the Association. Applications must be submitted by close of business on the 31st of March 2020 and the draw will take place on the 03rd of April 2020.
NAME Membership Number


SPECIES Price 2020 Numbers
Impala - male R1370
Impala - female R1270
Mountain Reedbuck - male R3000
Mountain Reedbuck - female R2200
Blesbuck - male R1400
Blesbuck - female R1220
Red Hartebeest - male R4200
Red Hartebeest - female R3700
Kudu - male R6800
Kudu - female R4700
Mature Eland - male R8800
Young Eland - male R6700
Eland - female R6700
Giraffe - male R10000
Giraffe - female R8000

OTHER CHARGES: Accommodation: We refer you to the Website to view the price structure. R120 admin fee per application – no limit to number of applications, to be paid with your application. Only one booking per person will be successful. The booking form will only be registered once proof of payment of the admin fee has been received

Banking details: KZN Hunting & Conservation,
First National Bank – Pinetown, 62282049298, 221626.
Please use Name, Surname and membership number as reference.

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Waterloo Hunting Opportunity

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Hunting Auctions – Eastern Cape Parks and Tourism – 2020

It is with great pleasure that ECPTA announces its On-Line Hunting Package Auctions for the 2020 hunting season. The advert attached should adequately answer any queries you may have relating to the hunting auctions process. Please note registration requirements and ensure we do not bombard our auctioneers with unnecessary queries. It should be clear in each case and contact details are on the attached advert. We are planning the following hunting auctions:
  1. OUTFITTER HUNTS – BUFFALO AT MPOFU Auction Date: from 10 Dec 12:00 to 12 Dec 14:00 (2019) Options for extra species; the objective here is to build a package around the buffalo hunt on offer to the outfitters client. Confirmed species (one of each) required by 28 Feb 2020. Register as a buyer from 4 Dec 2019 at auction@tirhani.co.za
  2. SA HUNTS – PLAINS-GAME SPECIES (OVISTON, COMMANDO DRIFT, TSOLWANA) Auction Date: from 11 Feb 12:00 to 13 Feb 14:00 (2020) Register as a buyer from 5 Feb 2020 at auction@tirhani.co.za
  3. EXCESS HUNTING PACKAGES (MPOFU PACKAGES AND THOSE UNSOLD FROM THE ACTION Auction Date: from 3 Mar 12:00 to 5 Mar 14:00 (2020) The objective here is to sell animals in packages after the outfitters have confirmed their requests from their hunting clients and consolidate the rest into SA hunting packages to be sold for locals. Register as a buyer from 26 Feb 2020 at auction@tirhani.co.za
We look forward to hearing from you. Regards, Gav
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Northwest Parks Board Hunting Opportunities

The North West Parks Board is making available a limited number of hunting packages for plains game in three of its nature reserves: Bloemhofdam Nature Reserve, SALombard Nature Reserve and Molopo Nature Reserve. These packages are for immediate use and interested hunters are invited to contact the respective Reserve managers at the contact numbers below to book their hunts. This will be done on a first come, first serve basis, and unfortunately no additional hunts can be arranged.


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Goeiedag WRSA-lede, (Please see English below) 

Hierby aangeheg, die volgende belangrike dokumente:

  1. ‘n Opsomming van die Direktief wat op 14 Mei deur Minister Barbara Creecy gepubliseer is.
    Dit bevat onder meer ‘n lys van wildsbestuursaktiwiteite en bepalings hoe dit onderneem mag word.

    Die volle direktief met meer detail inligting, asook ‘n lys van dienste wat deur owerhede gelewer sal word en kontakbesonderhede van nasionale en provinsiale omgewingsowerhede, is beskikbaar op die WRSA webtuiste: https://www.wrsa.co.za/wp-content/uploads/2020/05/20200514-National-Gazette-No-43323-of-14-May-2020-Volume-659.pdf

  1. WRSA Riglyne vir uitdunning, wat gebaseer is op die details soos vervat in die Minister se Direktiewe.
    Dit is ook beskikbaar op die WRSA webtuiste:  https://www.wrsa.co.za/2020-may-15-wrsa-guidelines-for-culling-activities/

Die goeie nuus is dat baie van die voorstelle soos deur WRSA op 29 April aan COGTA voorgestel is, ingesluit is in die Direktief van minister Creecy wat op 14 Mei gepubliseer is. Dit sluit onder meer in:

  • Uitdunning van wild;
  • Vang van wild;
  • Vervoer en verskuiwing  (insluitend lewende diere en wildsvleis oor provinsiale grense); en
  • Verkoop of andersins verhandeling (insluitend lewende veilings met sekere beperkings).

Die uitvoer van jagtrofeë wat ons ‘n ruk gelede met minister Creecy bespreek het, is ook toegelaat asook die uitvoer van wildsvleis in ooreenstemming met die regulatoriese vereistes van die Wet op Vleisveiligheid van 2000. 



Good day WRSA members,

Attached hereto, are the following important documents:

  1. A summary of the Directions as published by Minister Barbara Creecy on 14 May 2020.

    Full details are available in the Directions, which also include a list of services to be provided by issuing authorities and contact details of these national and provincial environmental authorities.
    The Directions are available on the WRSA website:  https://www.wrsa.co.za/wp-content/uploads/2020/05/20200514-National-Gazette-No-43323-of-14-May-2020-Volume-659.pdf

  2. WRSA Guidelines for Culling, guided by the content of the Directions.
    This document is also available on our website: https://www.wrsa.co.za/2020-may-15-wrsa-guidelines-for-culling-activities/

The good news is that many of the proposals that WRSA submitted to COGTA on 29 April, have been included in Minister Creecy’s Directive which was published on 14 May.  These include, amongst others: 

  • Culling;
  • Catching or capturing;
  • Conveying, moving or otherwise translocating (including live animals and game meat across provincial borders); and
  • Selling or otherwise trading (including live auctions with certain restrictions).

Export of hunting trophies, which we discussed with Minister Creecy in a meeting a while ago, is also permitted, as well as the export of venison/game meat in accordance with the regulatory requirements of the Meat Safety Act of 2000.

2020 May 15 WRSA Guidelines for culling operations on private wildlife ranches
2020 May 18 WRSA Summary of Directions published by Minister of Environm

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Gariep Eco Reserve

Dear Friends, 

With 2019 now taking the down hill turn, it gives me great pleasure to mail you our 2020 Hunting price lists and tariffs for your kind consideration. 

While some of you have already provided us with some tentative dates for your 2020 visit to Gariep Eco Reserve, now is the time to grab the opportunity and secure your dates early for another unforgettable visit and hunt in the Karoo. 

During 2019 we had to turn down a few hunting booking requests because of the growing popularity of Gariep Eco Reserve as a hunting destination, so to avoid any disappointment, make sure you secure your dates as early as possible. 

We sincerely hope to see you all back at Gariep Eco Reserve during 2020 hunting season. 

Kind regards    

Hercie Venter
Gariep Eco Reserve: Badsfontein
PO Box 143, VENTERSTAD 9798
Mobile no 083 292 8856
Office no 087 550 2520
Email: herci@gariepecoreserve.co.za

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