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Here at the KwaZulu-Natal Hunting Shooting and Conservation Association, we strive to promote fair, ethical hunting through our actions and attitudes. Hunting unfortunately has a negative image to the general public. Despite what you may think, hunters are conservationists, and if it weren’t for the hunting industry, conservation would not be what it is today. Interested in learning more? Read more here…
We hope that this website will help to educate and inform, so that you may understand a little more about what we do and stand for.

Gariep Eco Reserve

Dear Friends, 

With 2019 now taking the down hill turn, it gives me great pleasure to mail you our 2020 Hunting price lists and tariffs for your kind consideration. 

While some of you have already provided us with some tentative dates for your 2020 visit to Gariep Eco Reserve, now is the time to grab the opportunity and secure your dates early for another unforgettable visit and hunt in the Karoo. 

During 2019 we had to turn down a few hunting booking requests because of the growing popularity of Gariep Eco Reserve as a hunting destination, so to avoid any disappointment, make sure you secure your dates as early as possible. 

We sincerely hope to see you all back at Gariep Eco Reserve during 2020 hunting season. 

Kind regards    

Hercie Venter
Gariep Eco Reserve: Badsfontein
PO Box 143, VENTERSTAD 9798
Mobile no 083 292 8856
Office no 087 550 2520
Email: herci@gariepecoreserve.co.za

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The principal hunter must be Proficiency Graded. All hunters must be paid-up members of the Association. Applications must be submitted by close of business on the 29th of October 2019 and the draw will take place on the 30th of October 2019.


SPECIES Price 2019 Numbers
Waterbuck R8000
Blesbuck – male R1800
Red Hartebeest R5000
Eland R9000
Impala R1650
Warthog R1000
Giraffe R10 000
Zebra R3000
Kudu R6000

R100 admin fee to be paid with your application. The booking form will only be registered once proof of payment of the admin fee has been received.

Banking details: KZN Hunting & Conservation,
First National Bank – Pinetown, 58880792280, 221626.
Reference to use: Name, followed by Spioenkop.

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Only males to be harvested, except for Warthog and Zebra:

Waterbuck                     X 2 @ R 8 000 each
Blesbuck                        X 3 @ R 1 800 each
Red Hartebeest            X 2 @ R 5 000 each
Eland                              X 3 @ R 9 000 each
Impala                            X 2 @ R 1 650 each
Warthog                         X 6 @ R 1 000 each
Giraffe                            X 1 @ R10 000 each (please note additional permit requirements for this animal)
Zebra                              X 6 @ R 3 000 each
Kudu                               X 3 @ R 6 000 each


  1. Only day hunts permitted. Hunts must be completed in the allocated time frame. No hunting fee is levied for this hunting opportunity.
  2. Hunts not completed in the allocated time will be forfeited. No carry overs will be allowed.
  3. Hunts will be allocated on a first come first served basis.
  4. No accommodation is provided.
  5. No cold room facilities available.
  6. Limited skinning facilities available.
  7. No assistance with skinning provided.
  8. Only hunters confirmed by KZN Hunting Shooting and Conservation Association will be permitted to hunt.
  9. Hunters are to report to the main office at Spioenkop Nature Reserve before the hunt for further directions.
  10. Hunters must be in possession of necessary provincial game licences, firearm licences and valid identity documents when they arrive at the Reserve.
  11. A field ranger will accompany the hunter during the hunt to ensure that the correct animal is hunted and recorded.
  12. The Field Rangers instructions must be obeyed at all time.
  13. An Ezemvelo KZN Wildlife Hunting Return must be completed before the hunting group leaves the Reserve.
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The approval for the creation of a Controlled Hunting Area (CHA) within the Spioenkop Nature Reserve came about in June 1991.The CHA is situated 35 km from Ladysmith and 13 km from Winterton.

The CHA is 1,200 ha in extent and lies on the northern shore of the dam.  The topography consists of undulating plains, rising up the slopes and becoming more steeply sloped as they ascent Spioenkop Mountain.  The vegetation varies from Acacia karroo thickets through to Acacia sieberiana woodlands and tall dry grassland.

The utilisation of the area is zoned to encompass two forms of recreation.  During the winter months, hunters hunt animals scheduled to be removed as they are surplus to the area’s ecological carrying capacity.  In the summer months, tourists occupy the camp, using it as a base for walks, trails and game viewing throughout the area. 

Camp not available until further notice.

Basic skinning facilities, with running water and a screened meat store, are available at the camp.

No skinners or salt is available at the CHA.

Other Information:

  1. Hunters are to report to the main office at Spioenkop Nature Reserve and the Reserve Manager will then be given directions.  Soft drinks and a small range of groceries are available at the main office.
  2. A four wheel drive vehicle is not essential.
  3. Prospective hunters must obtain licences prior to arrival as none are available at Spioenkop Nature Reserve.
  4. The Field Ranger accompanying you is in radio contact with the Spioenkop Reserve Manager.

Please note: No dogs are allowed in the Reserve or the Controlled Hunting Area 


The KZN Nature Conservation Board accepts no responsibility for any deaths, injury or illness sustained or suffered by any person, or theft, loss or damage to any property occurring or arising from a visit to this Reserve.

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