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Post Date: 22 Apr 2021

In previous newsletters, we indicated that SA Hunters were in talks with the State Attorney concerning the “Green Licence” issue, and the original June 2009 Interim Interdict of Judge Prinsloo.

When we refer to the “Green Licence” issue, this is with respect to those persons who only possess the “Green” or old licences in terms of the Arms and Ammunition Act, No. 75 f 1969, and not those persons who transitioned to the current Firearms Control Act (FCA), No 60 of 2000, and whose white licences may have expired, and who may still be in physical possession of their old green licences as well.  

Those persons who transitioned from “green” to white cards, only fall within the new FCA and for those who may be in possession of an expired licence are possibly in illegal possession, and their previous old ”green” licences would not come to their rescue.

The talks between SA Hunters and the State Attorney have stalled to a certain extent, in that the proposals from the State Attorney vis-a-vis, granting persons a period of six months within which to transition or convert. In SAGA’s opinion this period is unreasonable, having regard to the break down in administration by SAPS and, in SAGA’s view, the lack of capacity on the part of SAPS to process anywhere from 400 000 upwards of applications for those who will need to transition.

SAGA is therefore contemplating joining the case either as a co-applicant or amicus curiae, and in this regard SAGA calls on all its members who are only in possession of green licences, to email the SAGA office on as we may need corroborating affidavits / supporting evidence from members who hold green licence cards. Please supply the office with your name and contact cellphone number.

We look forward to hearing from those members who are only in possession of the green licence cards at their earliest convenience.

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