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Post Date: 7 Dec 2020


To put this important newsletter into perspective:
The TGA is not a hunting association of any kind. We do, however, support hunting as a management tool for the sustainable-use harvesting of South Africa’s renewable wild living resources. We do not consider wildlife to be a ‘sacred cow’, but a WILD ‘product of the land’ that equates to domesticated animals and cultivated crops being TAME (or DOMESTIC) ‘products of the land’. And we sincerely believe that all ‘products of the land’ (wild and domestic) should be used wisely and sustainably for the benefit of mankind.

The TGA notes that six international hunting organizations (CIC, DSC, Rowland Ward, IPHA, OPHAA and APHA) have just released a newsletter which encourages ‘other’ hunting associations to join them in a group which they call: “United Against Captive Bred Lion Shootings”. The CIC and DSC – who are the co-signatories of the initial joint statement on the subject of captive bred lion shooting – have observed that: “We would like to thank these (new) organizations for joining as co-signatories, and encourage others who wish to join, to please contact us.”

In their notation: the group jointly states that they:
1. “RECOGNIZE that the practice of shooting lions bred in captivity has otherwise been referred to as “canned lion hunting”, Captive bred lion hunting, or using combinations thereof:
2. AGREE that whatever the terminology used; and whether legal or illegal; the practice is not consistent with the definition of responsible, sustainable, fair chase hunting;
3. HIGHLIGHT that the practice is contrary to the International Union for the Conservation of Nature (IUCN) Resolution WCC-2016-RES-013 on “Terminating the hunting of captive-bred lions (Panthera leo) and other predators and captive breeding for commercial, non-conservation purposes’;
4. EMPHASIZE (they say) that the shooting of lions bred in captivity damages the reputation of all hunters;
5. CALL ON any Governments that allow the legal shooting of lions bred in captivity, to consider the wider implications to responsible, sustainable, fair-chase hunting;
6. COMMIT to discouraging members of signatory organizations from engaging in the practice of shooting lions that have been bred in captivity;

The signatories agree that this statement may be amended, as further information becomes available, should the signatories jointly agree on and sign the revised text”.
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Kind regards,
Ron Thomson CEO – TGA

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