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Post Date: 24 Oct 2019

Dear Member,

The information below will assist you in preparing for a typical Senior Hunters Course (Proficiency Grading) that is hosted from time to time by the various Branches. Specific information can be obtained from your Branch Chairman or from the office.

What will be provided?

The cost of the course includes 3 nights accommodation, meals (please communicate any special dietary requirements) course material, CHASA exam fee and the cost of the animal to be used in the skinning demonstration. CHASA targets for the practical shooting test are also included. Although bedding is provided, a sleeping bag may be useful to enable flexibility in so far as sleeping arrangements. Cutlery and crockery is provided.

What to bring?

  • CHASA Senior Hunter Study Manual (available before the Course – otherwise it will be provided to you on arrival)
  • The Hunters Handbook (copies available from the Association office)
  • Pen and paper for note taking and for writing the exam
  • A reliable torch
  • Binoculars (optional but good to have)
  • Mammal identification books (preferable with quality photographs, habitat description and listing the distinctions between male and female specimens. These are available for purchase from the Association office)
  • Towels and toiletries
  • Casual clothes – taking into consideration the expected weather
  • Sleeping bag
  • Personal medication as required
  • Own drinks (fruit juice concentrate and tea/coffee will be provide)
  • Rifle and ammunition for shooting test (Please practise before attending the course if possible)

Program for a Typical Senior Hunter Course


  • 14H00 Arrival and registration of all participants
  • 15H00 Orientation and ground rules
  • 15H30 General information and course overview
  • 16H30 Landowner and hunter relations, animal and bird identification, shot placement
  • 18H30 Dinner
  • Friday
  • 06H00 Breakfast
  • 07H00 First aid, snakes and insects
  • 08H00 Weapon care and storage, ballistics, accuracy, bore sighting, rifle technique, Dedicated Hunter status
  • 10H00 Tea/Coffee
  • 10H30 Legislation and Ordinance, Bow hunting
  • 12H30 Lunch
  • 13H15 Shotgun and game birds
  • 14H30 Dress code and hunting accessories, camp and vehicle preparation
  • 15H00 Tea/ Coffee
  • 15H15 Hunting ethics
  • 18H30 Dinner and study time


  • 07H00 Breakfast
  • 08H00 Bush survival basics
  • 08H45 Skinning, caping, meat preparation and trophy handling/preparation
  • 11H00 Tea/Coffee
  • 11H15 Horn judging and trophy measuring
  • 11H45 Lunch
  • 12H30 Tracking and hunting methods, tree and grass identification
  • 18H30 Dinner and study time


  • 07H00 Breakfast
  • 08H30 CHASA written exam
  • 11H30 Student course grading
  • 13H00 Lunch
  • 13H45 Shooting test, departure
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