Post Date: 28 Nov 2019

By Willem de Valence

Youth Development – Willem De Valence

Our goal in the Association remains to train and involve juniors in all our activities to ensure better ethical hunters for tomorrow. The Association continues to attract juniors to join the association to share our love for hunting and for our beautiful country. A major reduction in joining fees for juniors makes it possible for juniors to join and this has allowed for a steady growth of junior members.

Phongola Dads and Lads/Lasses

It is with regret that this event was again not possible in 2019 as for the last few years due to the drought suffered at the Phongola Game Reserve Controlled Hunting Area. This area did receive some rain and we are looking forward to making use of this opportunity afforded to us once again as soon as circumstances allow. Dads and Lads/Lasses from all branches may apply to participate in this initiative.

Pongola Game Reserve Junior Hunt

Sadly we only had two juniors participating in the April 2019 junior hunt. Dyllan Beukes from Zululand and JJ De Valence from the Durban Branch participated in this hunt and both hunters wanted to hunt with a crossbow. Dyllan managed to hunt a Zebra stallion from a hide and JJ a Kudu cow on walk and stalk fashion.

Willem De Valence managed to take some more juniors out to hunt at Pongola Game Reserve during the July 2019 school holiday. This event was open to all of our junior members across the various branches. The attendance was better at this event and the following juniors attended:

• Reece Meiring (Durban Branch)

• JJ De Valence (Durban Branch)

• Sijmen van der Merwe JNR (Zululand Branch)

• Josh Bloemink (Midlands Branch)

Game hunted by the juniors included warthog, impala and blue wildebeest. This event remains a highlight on our calendar and we are looking forward to the next events in 2020. It would be remiss of me not to thank Karel Landman from Pongola Game Ranch for his generous opportunity to this branch. Please read the full story in the Nyala News Magazine with some pictures taken during these events.

Wildland ‘DOPPIE Vir Jeug’ Junior Hunt

The Wildland ‘DOPPIE Vir Jeug’ project is the Wildlands hunting magazine’s youth development project led by Jan de Man. This project is aimed at underprivileged juniors whom never and will most probably never hunt. We support this project by availing some hunting opportunities from our landowners for some of these underprivileged juniors. Jan de Man was already fully booked during 2019 and we did not support this event as in 2018. We are engaged with all stakeholders here and look forward to being part of this project in 2020 again. We must continue to look for hunting opportunities and support from our land owners and urge land owners to contact me or any other committee members should they be interested in this or other junior hunting projects.

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