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Nyala News December 2023

Nyala Dec 2023
SAGA Notice – .22LR Conversion Kits: Investigation by HAWKS Dear Member, We are sending this urgent message to all members regarding a crucial matter that has recently come to our attention. It pertains to the investigation by the Hawks into the sale and import of .22 LR conversion kits for AR-type rifles. Martin Hood, who has been intimately involved with this matter, has shared important information and insights on the legality of these conversion kits. We feel it is important to share his advice with you directly. According to Martin Hood, while it may seem that the sale of such conversion kits could be legal, given certain prerequisites such as lawful importation, registration, and sale to qualifying buyers, the real concern is the alteration of a firearm’s calibre. This is strictly regulated under Section 50 of the Firearms Control Act (FCA), which states that such alterations may only be conducted by a licensed gunsmith. He therefore advises against buying these kits and stresses that possession of such a kit is currently considered illegal by SAPS and the Hawks. In light of this, we strongly recommend that members think very carefully before purchasing these kits. The SAGA Trustees will continue to monitor the situation and will provide further updates as and when matters develop. Meanwhile, your safety, both physical and legal, is of utmost importance to us. Issued by: The SAGA Trust 26 July 2023

The Hunting Trophy (Import Prohibition) Bill – Risks to Industry, Conservation and Communities


The successful application by WRSA to join CHASA as a SIG brings our members closer to our core market: the local South African hunter. It also holds exciting and tangible benefits to our members. Read more: https://www.wrsa.co.za/2023/09/27/unlocking-local-markets-wrsa-joining-forces-as-chasa-sig/

What is the KZNHSCA?

The KwaZulu-Natal Hunting Shooting & Conservation Association (KZNHSCA) is an organisation of hunters dedicated to the ethical and responsible practice of their discipline. We are based in Durban in the province of KwaZulu-Natal on the east coast of South Africa. Members of KZNHSCA follow a strict code of ethics and strive to promote a positive impression of the hunting fraternity. We focus on awareness and educational programmes that further the knowledge of our members, and…

A brief history of the KZNHSCA

The ‘Hunters’ and Game Preservation Association for Natal’ was founded in 1959. The association’s inaugural meeting was held on 21 September 1959 at the Law Society Chambers in Pietermaritzburg. A draft constitution was adopted at the meeting and the word “Preservation” substituted with “Conservation”. The first president elected was none other than AP Austen-Smith. More text to follow…

Dedicated Hunter Status and Sport Shoot Status

Please click on the links below to complete and submit the documents to Hannelie before end 1 September 2022 to 31 August 2023.

Dedicated Sport Shoot Status Warranty 2023 Activity Cards 2023 Dedicated Hunter Status Warranty 2023  Sport Shooting Activity Report

Mission Statement

Setting standards and educating and engaging stakeholders in order to ensure the conservation of our natural heritage and sustainable utilisation for the benefit of all.


KZN Hunting Shooting and Conservation Association; the Association of choice through:

  • Appropriate relationships with all stakeholders
  • Transformation and youth development
  • A culture of involvement and participation
  • Preserving existing traditions for future generations
  • Superior products, services and opportunities


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