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Congratulations and Expression of Appreciation on your 60th Annual General Meeting

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Notice to CHASA Members CFR and Firearm News.

Dear CHASA Members

There has been little new news in the firearm ownership situation lately, but it is appropriate that we bring you up to date with some issues and remind you of a few others.


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Profile Of The Local Hunter In SA

Please read Afrikaanse or English Cover Letter.

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CHASA Formal Submission on the DEFRA Consultation on the Controls on the Import & Export of Hunting Trophies

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CHASA Letter to Members of the House of Commons

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CHASA Advice To Holders Of Firearms With Expired Licences

Following our notice dated 4 July 2018 wherein we expressed our view that the only an AMNESTY, Declared by The Minister, can solve the current crisis facing firearm owners who failed to renew their licences in terms of Sec 24 of the FCA, we are extremely pleased to share the information that this now appears to be the likely outcome.


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SA Hunters vs CFR Court Ruling

CHASA  – Congratulates the South African Hunters & Game Conservation Association

The Confederation of Hunters Association of SA congratulates the CEO, Executive and management of “SA Hunters” on their pivotal and decisive court triumph in their case against aspects of the Firearms Control Act (60 of 2000) as handed down in the North Gauteng High Court today.

We have had some small insight into the diligence, hard work, long hours and calculated risk which the SA Hunters team have put in and can attest to what a magnificent effort it was. It is also sad, but true that at every step of the way the State (SAPS/CFR) could, and should have engaged with SA Hunters and all firearm related stakeholders to rectify the patent problems that exist with both the legislation and the implementation thereof which would have solved the problems much sooner and without litigation being necessary.

Salient features of the judgement. Otherwise click here for the full judgement:

  • declare Sec 24 & 28 of the Firearms Control Act (60 of 2000) unconstitutional.
  • gives the State 18 months to rectify.
  • deems all expired licenses valid pending such rectification.
  • respondent (State) to pay costs.
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Animal Improvement Act (62/1998):Amendment of Table 7 of Regulations, including an additional list of animals // Diereverbeteringswet: Verandering aan Tabel 7 van die Regulasies, insluiting van addisionele diere


Dit is een van CHASA se strategiese prioriteite om meer aandag te skenk aan die werwing van junior jagters asook om hulle betrokkenheid in verenigingsaktiwiteite te bevorder.

Gevolglik het die Raad van CHASA besluit om die Junior Jagter/ Mentor Jagfoto-gelukkige Trekking weer in 2019 aan te bied. Dit behels die volgende:


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Chasa Interim Notice To Members And The Firearm Owning Public

(While we await official SAPS Directives from the NATIONAL Commissioner, we cannot in good conscience give guaranteed advice. Much speculation is happening. This notice therefore indicates our current best information and commentary)

There are TWO categories of persons who fall into the above general category:

1)Those who transitioned in the period between 2006 and 2009 from the old “GREEN LICENCE” to the new act’s “WHITE LICENCE”.

2)Those whom acquired their firearm under the NEW ACT, and have only ever held a so called “WHITE LICENCE”


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