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DRGC shooting calendar

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DRGC Kings Cup and Schutzenfest

The Kings Cup and Schützenfest teams will consist of 4 team members of which 2 must be KZN Hunters members.


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CTSA KZN Provincial Report 2019

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Kings Cup 2020

This is the fourth shoot after the re-instatement of the Kings Cup in 2017.

Kings Firearms has kindly agreed to sponsor the ammunition for the shoot as well as some prizes. You do not necessarily have to use this ammunition. Should you use your own ammunition you may take the sponsored ammunition home, subject to having the necessary licence.

The shoot will take place at Dalton Rifle and Gun Club. GPS: S 29⁰22.640 E 030⁰39.005

Date Saturday 28th March 2020 Time 09h00 registration and briefing, shooting to start at 10h00

Cost is R1000.00 per team Individuals R250.00

Your team entry is to be emailed to Conrad Klipp on wtf@edelnet.co.za . Entries close 24h00 – 11th March 2020. We are limited to 16 teams due to time and range constraints. First come, first served. Queries can be directed to 0828245441. We require the Team Captain’s name who will submit the member’s names, KZN Hunters membership number, cell phone numbers. Should there be invited guests please indicate as such. Guest teams also welcome to attend, but will not qualify for the trophy. This is one of the shoots to qualify for the provincial teams to attend the CHASA national shoots. The competition will take the following format. A 4 person team, a minimum of 2 members must be Association members in good standing with 2 likeminded invited guests per team to qualify for the trophy.

This is one of the shoots to qualify for the provincial teams to attend the CHASA national shoots. The competition will take the following format.

A 4 person team, a minimum of 2 members must be Association members in good standing with 2 likeminded invited guests per team to qualify for the trophy. Should you not be able to make up a team, please attend as we may be able to squad you with other persons in a similar situation. The trophy will remain in DRGC’s safe keeping, the winning team is welcome to take as many photos as they wish.

Rules as per latest .22LR rim fire rifle CHASA Sport Shooting Format. Competitors may use either standard or open class firearms as per regulation. The gong exercise part for the CHASA shoot will take place on the range.

All members shoot at their own target. Thus it is possible for you to submit a score to CHASA. The team’ s 4 targets will be scored by the range officers, no interaction of shooters and targets will take place. You may accompany the range officers to view your target. The 4 team member’s  individual targets will be scored and summed to arrive at the team score.

An additional 30 gong targets per shooter (5 gongs on 6 ranges) will be shot in the quarry at know distances. Targets will have to be shot in an instructed sequence with 1 shot per target. There will be a mix of gong sizes and distances on each range. Make sure you know your 22LR’s trajectory up to 10 0m. Time limits apply to this exercise.

Each shooter will require 50 cartridges to complete the CHASA plus the gong shoot.

In the event of a tied team score, each team will nominate an individual shooter to shoot off at the furthest target with a minimum of 5 shots, highest score wins.

In the event of a dispute the DRGC Committee will have the final and binding decision.

Rules and conditions apply.

Firearm safety, hearing and eye protection are mandatory. We will make available a sighting-in facility on the day of the shoot. You will be limited to 5 shots to make adjustments to you system. Bring your own target and X-bag. We will provide a target stand with cardboard backing you can affix your target to. Sighting in to commence at 07h30 and to be completed at 08h30.

We will provide a basic meal after the shoot. Non Shooters to contribute R100 / per meal. Please let us know should there be non-shooting guests, so we can plan the catering. You are welcome to socialize further after the shoot. No alcohol to be consumed while any shooting is taking place. Limited cash bar available. (Whisky, Brandy, Beer and cold drinks) Please bring your own camp chairs etc.

Conrad Klipp 082 8245441

Kings Sports Floating Trophy Team Shoot 28th March 2020

Team Entry Sheet
Please fill out form below:

Team Name :
Name Surname KZN Hunters# or Guest Cell

Team captain to be in position 1, who will manage the team’s admin.

We will create a WhatsApp Group to keep persons informed.

You will be required to complete an indemnity on the range before shooting starts.

Team Entry Fee is R1000.00

Please EFT to:

Dalton Rifle and Gun Club

FNB Branch 250655

Account number: 62760278757

Reference: Your team name, and POP to below email address

Please email back to wtf@edelnet.co.za

Entries closing date is 25th March 2020 at 24h00

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CTSA KZN Shooting Calendar 2020

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Broadway Shooting Club

Click Broadway-Shooting-Club-calendar to download calendar

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DRGC Report

Conditions: Despite rainy and cold weather, members convened an important AGM to review the yearly shooting arrangements and determine what structure and format the following year would take. This included financial, safety and housekeeping considerations. Also allowing for improved efficiency of operations during shoots.


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Ding Dong Gong Shoot

Elandsiaagte KZN 21 November 2020

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DRGC January Newsletter 2020

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Dalton Rifle and Gun Club Dec2019/Jan2020

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Klipp Bros Shoot 2019

Click Klipp-Bros-2019 to download PDF.

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DRGC Kings Cup Newsletter

Please click March-2019 to download Newsletter.

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Dalton Rifle and Gun Club Newsletter – October 2020

Saturday turned out to be blazingly hot day, which did not deter 47 shooters to attend. It was the first function were we could use the now fully functional electrical system and what a pleasure it was. The animal targets proved to be challenging for shooters, however most could compensate on the gongs to get their scores up.


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The Upper Tugela Branch held a CHASA Vlakteskiet and Tyro Pistol Shoot Report

The Upper Tugela Branch held a CHASA Vlakteskiet and Tyro Pistol Shoot on 22 February 2020. The idea and discussion regarding this event started around the break after our pistol shoot on 25 January 2020. Mike Richmond kindly offered his farm, Boschberg, to host the event.

Upper Tugela Chairman, Owen Geekie and committee members Danby Anderson and Jansen Webb, with the help of Mike Richmond set out the 4 ranges for the Vlakteskiet and the range for the Tyro Shoot as prescribed.

The Vlakteskiet consists of 4 ranges. Stage 1 has a Springbuck target at 230-250m and a Jackal target at 180-200m, shot in a sitting position with a crate as the rest. Stage 2 has an Impala target at 150-170m and a Baboon target at 180-200m, shot in a sitting position using a wooden dropper tripod as the rest. Stage 3 has a Warthog target at 100-120m, shot in a standing position with a freestanding tripod or bipod sticks as the rest. Stage 4 consists of 5 Steel Gongs, 200mm in diameter, at distances between 150 and 350m, shot in a prone position, with a harris bipod or a carpet covered block as a rest.

The Tyro Pistol Shoot has 3 targets, placed 3yards apart, edge to edge. The shooter fires from 10 yards lined up with the middle target. With a total round count of 24, Stage 1 consists of 3 strings of 2 rounds on each target, 5 seconds for each string. Stage 2 is 1 string of 6 rounds, 2 on each target, 8 seconds total. Stage 3 is 1 string of 12 rounds, 2 on each target for the 3 targets, the shooter reloads, then fires 2 more on each target, 20 seconds total.

We had 10 participants at the shoot, all 10 took part in the CHASA Vlakteskiet and 3 took part in the Tyro Pistol Shoot.

The Top scorers in the shoots were as follows:

CHASA Vlakteskiet

Ralf Dedekind
Conrad Klipp
Danby Anderson

Tyro Pistol Shoot

Mike Richmond

Thank you again to Owen, Danby, Jansen, Mike and all who assisted in setting up the ranges and to Mike for providing the venue.

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 All the information regarding the shoot is on the Whylo / Swarovski Facebook page.

 The entries go live on the 20th of January 2020.

 Entries limited to 75 Two man teams.

 For more information contact:

Ralf Dedekind


036 637 2297

082 372 1233


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KZN Clay Target Shooting Calendar 2020

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DRGC 2019 Newsletters

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KZN Clay Target News

Click KZN calendar 2019 V3 to download Calendar.

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