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An Introduction to Handgun Hunting

by Mark Lansdell & John Hamilton

Hunting with a handgun necessitates getting closer to the game than you would normally do with a rifle, especially if you are using a revolver. Single shot handguns that have been chambered for rifle cartridges allow the hunter to attempt slightly further shots but these are still well within rifle range.

The necessity to get closer to the game, ( as with bow hunting ) adds a new dimension to hunting and an increase in the challenge, it also requires a lot more patience and facilitates a deeper understanding of the quarry and its habits. Being close enough for the animal to hear you cock the weapon can be quite trying on the nerves, after a long stalk you don’t want to blow it at the end.

The field of handgun hunting is quite wide in terms of equipment as there are revolver hunters that hunt with open sights as well as those that hunt with scoped revolvers. Most single shot handguns are shot with the aid of a telescopic sight because of the slightly extra range that they offer.

The revolvers used for handgun hunuting are mostly single action guns, although double action revolvers work very well when used in the single action mode, as this is a much more accurate way of shooting. In terms of calibre there are several suitable for handgun hunting, ranging from the .357 magnum to the .454 cassull. When you look at the sinlgle shot guns, the range of calibres is almost as wide as that for rifles, with the 30.30 being a common choice.

Not every handgun is suited to be used for hunting, as some just will not take the punishment of the near top end loads that most people use. While on the topic of punishment , handgun scopes are not all equal either and some will shift their point of aim after only a few high powered loads. So when investing in a handgun scope do your homework and check which will give you the best service for your handgun and load.

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