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A minute silence will be observed for members of our Association who have passed away during the year.

  1. 08H50 All to be seated
  2. 09h00 Opening
  3. Present
  4. Apologies
  5. 09h05 Constitution of Meeting
  6. Confirmation of minutes of the 59th AGM held on 10 November 2018
  7. Matters arising
  8. 09h15 President’s address Bruce Ambrose
  9. 09h30 Financial report Ahmed Haffejee
  10. Election of Auditors: Viljoen and Partners
  11. 09h45 Election of EXCO members
  12. 09h50 Awards to first time junior hunters
  13. 10h00 Tea Break
  14. 10h25 All to be seated
  15. 10h30 Presentation by guest speaker – Dr George Hughes
  16. 10h45 Address by CHASA CEO – Mr Stephen Palos
  17. 11h00 General
  18. 11h15 Presentation of Awards and Trophies
  19. 12h15 Auction – Ezemvelo KZNWL Hunt Packages (page 50)
  20. 13h05 Closure of Meeting
  21. 13h30 Lunch to be served


1.  All were seated and the meeting started at 09h10.

2.  Opening:
Master of Ceremony, Greg Azzopardi, welcomed all as well as our Special Guests, recipients of long service awards:  Mike Balcomb, Claude Topper, and Johnny Catscarlis. 
Invited guests:  Dr George Hughes, Stephen Palos, Wayne Munger, Cobus Venter, June Ogram, AP Austin Smith and his wife Thelma.

3.  Present:
The AGM was well attended by approximately 150 members and special guests.

4.  Apologies: 
Apologies were received from members and the list can be viewed at the Office.  A minute of silence was observed for Members of our Association who had passed away during the past year. Mr Ian Goss, Christopher Foster, Bruce Harlen, Andries Vermaak and Danny Diedericks. This includes members of whom we did not receive notification. 

5.  Constitution of the Meeting:
The meeting was properly constituted as a notice was posted to members on the 04th of October 2018 via the Nyala Newsflash and Email.  Greg Azzopardi confirmed the business to be conducted at the AGM as per the Constitution Clause 13.2

6.  Confirmation of Minutes:
6.1 The Minutes of the 58th AGM held on the 11th of November 2017 were taken as read and confirmed as being a true reflection of the meeting.  Proposed by Neville van Lelyveld and Seconded by Willem De Valence and Graham Morrison.

7.  Matters arising:

8.  President Report:
Bruce Ambrose delivered his Presidents Report. He mentioned that we all are members of this Association because we share a lot in common and we all have a deep love for hunting and the outdoors and we all want to enjoy hunting. There are different levels and meanings as to what a good Association really is. We all want our Association to be stress-free and enjoyable.

It is often been said that “life is difficult”. It is equally true that having an easy-going and stress-free Association is also difficult. Just as in life, an Association of members also needs to be worked at, nurtured, challenged, changed and endured. He mentioned that during the last few years, we have had accounting challenges, ongoing drought and unwanted expenses. We have had unplanned events, setbacks and a reduced income.  We have also had our share of difficult members. We could also go on about the crime in SA, the Firearms Control Act, firearm licensing challenges, higher hunting prices and many other complications. None of these are contributing positively to a stress-free and easy-going Association. Running our Association is hard, but we can improve it. If we want to endure as a viable Association, we don’t have very much choice. We know that running the Association is hard. In spite of this, we also acknowledge that with the correct efforts, we can improve it.

There are a few silos to this:  we need to rid ourselves of the peripheral chatter. We have had a lot of range chatter and uninformed Waterhole/campfire discussions about how the Association is no performing or meeting the needs of members. We have had much resistance when sanctions have been placed on prominent members due to unacceptable behaviour whilst hunting.  We have had people resign from our Association in support of genuinely disruptive and unacceptable behaviour of some other members.

Internally, we have restructured the Association to focus more on specific activities like hunting, shooting and wildlife management. These are supported by a revised administrative and office function. Members should be able to make use of those facilities that they have an interest in and a keenness to support.  Please support your branch activities as best you can.

We need members to assist and carry the load of all these different activities. We need members to positively support the efforts of the various committees – so we can make this a better Association. In a strange way, accepting that running our Association is hard, perhaps comes with an acceptance that we all have the responsibility to make it better.  Each of us
can help to improve it by becoming a more contributing member and someone who is clear: please get involved in some way, even if it is just participating in events.  It doesn’t have to be on a Committee – although that would be great.

We have turned the corner as far as the financials are concerned.  The audits are up to date and the damage done in previous years is – in the main – behind us We are not out of the woods yet, but we are confident about the future.  Bruce thanked all concerned.  We have not lost what makes our Association great.  We will continue to source quality hunting
opportunities, we will provide for those trying to improve shooting skills and we will support the land owners who provide hunting for us.

Our relationships with other Wildlife interest groups in KZN have improved enormously.  In 2019 our Association will be 60 years old – a grand old lady in the wildlife industry.  We are very well respected – far and wide. 

Our future is sound, and our offering will continue to improve.  All of this cannot be achieved unless we continue to have members who are happy to serve and improve our Association. He thanked the office staff, who continue do a sterling job.  Thanks to Branch Committee members as well as EXCO. Without whom his responsibilities as President would be    impossible to fulfil. 

9.  Financial Report:      

Finance Committee Report for the Year Ended 31 August 2018
Prepared by Mark Basel

The members serving on the Finance Committee for the current year were Mark Basel (Finco chairman), Bruce Ambrose, Chris Jennings and Barry Miller. The day to day administration was dealt with by Rose Haring and Hannelie Wagner. The Auditors for the year were Viljoen & Partners.

The Audited Financial Statements for the Association were completed and published on the members’ section of the Association web site on 26 October 2018. An SMS message was sent to all members advising of this.

A summary of the salient aspects of the results is as follows:

Income Statement Note 2018 2017 Year on Year

Revenue 1 1741237 1690124 3%   – improvement

Other Income 2 658783   558538 18% – improvement

Operating Expenses 3 2011829 2206194 -9% – improvement

Surplus / (Deficit) 4   279234      -61564            – improvement

Mark Basel discussed each of the above in detail as well as the Balance Sheet. He then invited questions from the floor, however none were received.

Mark concluded his presentation by adding the following:

The annual budgeting objective of the Association is to achieve profitability just above break-even in order to accumulate a small reserve margin each year and thereby build the strength of the Associations balance sheet.

The initiatives implemented over the past 2 years have reversed the previously negative trend and have now resulted in a surplus for the year. The 2018 Income Statement and Balance Sheet reflect a healthy financial position.

That said, it must be recognized that the positive results for the year are primarily underpinned by the Voluntary Contributions and reduction in costs and that these amounts cannot be relied upon as regular income or regular reductions going forward.

The current membership fee structure and membership profile is unbalanced with full paying members making up only 62% of membership numbers. The balance of 38% is made up of Life, Senior, Wife and Junior members who pay reduced fees or have paid a once off payment for life membership. This structure is flawed as the actual cost to the Association of servicing members is equal for each member and is ongoing year to year. The result is that the Association struggles to achieve a break-even point due to the reduced fees charged.

This anomaly was reported on in 2017. Subsequently the Association has embarked on a process to achieve a higher percentage of fully paid members as well as ongoing Voluntary Contributions. The objective is to spread the fee load more equitably and thereby bring down the inflationary increases in future years.

One of these initiatives is to implement changes so that Senior Members pay a full fee where affordable. Currently Senior Members pay a reduced fee automatically once reaching 65 years of age. It is logical that a number of Senior Members may be able to afford a full fee and simply don’t pay a full fee due to the legacy of the fee structure. The Association does not want to lose members and needs to balance the implementation of this proposed change in order to retain membership and increase revenue.

To achieve this there will be a discussion and proposal at the AGM to implement the changes but at the same time retaining the privilege of a reduced fee for those Senior members who may not be able to afford a full fee.

A specific appeal has also been made to Life Members to contribute voluntarily – either a full fee or any amount that they are willing to contribute.

A more general appeal has been made to Junior and Senior members as well as Ordinary members for voluntary contributions.

There is a fairly lengthy delay between the time when important decisions are taken and the time that the effect of those decisions have a positive impact. In this instance, some decisions taken at the 2018 AGM will only be implemented in the 2019/20 year and will only benefit the Association in the financial year ending August 2020. 

The results for 2018 reflect that the Association has regained a position of stability and is in a healthy financial position.  That said, much of Finco’s work and responsibility is also to look forward and structure for future sustainability. The changes are being proposed to address our future needs and I urge all members to please assist us to achieve this objective. 

Thank you to the team I have worked with over the past year and best wishes for the year ahead.

10. Election of Auditors:  Viljoen and Partners:
It was approved and accepted.

11.  Election of EXCO members:
The following members are available for EXCO election and have accepted the nomination:
Geoff Muller, Mark Drummond, Mark Basel, Willem De Valence and Bruce Ambrose. 
Chris Jennings (Ex-Officio – CEO) and Branch Chairman.  In addition we have received a nomination for David Stock – Training Portfolio.  No objections to his nomination.

12.  Awards to First Time Hunters:
No certificates were awarded this year for any first time hunters over the age of 10 years.
However, Willem De Valence awarded certificates to Anro Henn and Tyrique Welsh who participated in the Wildland Youth Programme for first time hunters.

13 & 14: TEA BREAK

15.  Address by Guest Speaker – Dr George Hughes:
Dr Hughes was introduced by Bruce Ambrose.  He delivered a very interesting talk on Rhinos and what methods and costs Landowners go through to ensure their security of their Rhino populations.

16.  Address by Ezemvelo – Wayne Munger:
Bruce Ambrose introduced Wayne Munger.  He delivered a presentation on the Legislation pertaining to KZN Nature Conservation Ordinance.
17.  Address by CHASA CEO – Stephen Palos:
Stephen gave members an overview of the many aspects that CHASA is busy dealing with as well as their strategy for building relationships with National and Provincial Departments to ensure we continue to have the freedom to hunt.

18.  General:  Proposed changes to Constitution:
7.1.5 Senior membership shall be conferred on a person who is 65 years old or older. With effect from 01 September 2019 Senior Members will be liable to pay the Ordinary Membership fee. However, at the discretion of EXCO, a Senior Member, on written application to EXCO, may be entitled to a reduced fee of no more than 50% of the Ordinary membership fee.  A Senior Member shall have the rights of and be subject to the obligations of an Ordinary Member.
Decision:  A lively discussion was held which resulted in a vote being taken for the members who were in support or against the above proposal.  The majority of members did not accept the proposed changes to item 7.15 of our Constitution.

9.2.1  The President, the immediate Past President and, where practical and appropriate, the President Elect and
Decision: Proposal accepted

9.6  – the Association shall have a President, and immediate Past President and, where practical and appropriate, a President Elect
Decision:  Proposal accepted

9.7  – at the first meeting of EXCO after the AGM, EXCO shall appoint from its ranks the President and, where practical and appropriate, the President Elect.  A candidate appointed to either post must have served on EXCO for at least one year immediately prior to his appointment.
Decision:  Proposal accepted.

9.12 – A quorum of EXCO shall consist of 4 (four) members:
Decision:  Proposal not accepted, revert to 5 (five) members.

9.15 – this clause to be removed
Decision:  Proposal accepted

Neville van Lelyveld requested feedback on the appointment of a Patron.  Bruce mentioned that the process is ongoing and is expected to be finalised in 2018.

who were in support or against the above proposal.  The majority of members did not accept the proposed changes to item 7.15 of our Constitution.

9.2.1  The President, the immediate Past President and, where practical and appropriate, the President Elect and
Decision: Proposal accepted

9.6  – the Association shall have a President, and immediate Past President and, where practical and appropriate, a President Elect
Decision:  Proposal accepted

9.7  – at the first meeting of EXCO after the AGM, EXCO shall appoint from its ranks the President and, where practical and appropriate, the President Elect. A candidate appointed to either post must have served on EXCO for at least one year immediately prior to his appointment.
Decision:  Proposal accepted.

9.12 – A quorum of EXCO shall consist of 4 (four) members:
Decision:  Proposal not accepted, revert to 5 (five) members.

9.15 – this clause to be removed
Decision:  Proposal accepted

Neville van Lelyveld requested feedback on the appointment of a Patron.  Bruce mentioned that the process is ongoing and is expected to be finalised in 2018.

19.  Presentation of Trophies and Awards:
Trophies and Awards were presented to members as per the booklet by June Ogram. Further details can be obtained from the Office.

20.  Kameelkop Auction:
Three Hunt Packages were offered to members via auction, which produced some lively bidding. Thank you to those members who participated and congratulations to those who were awarded the Hunt Packages.

21.  Closure of Meeting:
With no further business to discuss, the meeting was closed and was followed by a lunch


Please note: In terms of Clause 9.5 of our Constitution all nominations for the Executive Committee need the written approval of the Branch Committee under which the nominee falls.

Attached, you will find a nomination form for members to be appointed to the Executive Committee for 2019/2020. Please complete the form in full with the necessary signatures and submit to the Association office by no later than Friday, the 18th of October 2019.


A buffet lunch will be served from 13h00 – R200 per person and R120.00 per child under the age of 12. Please contact Hannelie at the office for bookings which need to be confirmed by the 01st of November 2019. Payment for lunch can be made in advance into the Association bank account:

Account holder : KZN Hunting & Conservation Association
Bank : First National Bank – Pinetown
Account number : 58880792280
Branch code : 221 626
Reference to use : Surname & member number followed by AGM lunch

The early birds travelling from far can purchase a light breakfast at the Club.

Trophy Competition

Please note that EXCO has decided that only members who were 10 years and older at the time the animal was harvested may submit entries to the Trophy Competition.

Entries to the Trophy Competition will only be accepted from Members who were in good standing as at the 31st of October 2019, as per Clause 7.3 of the Constitution.

Anybody entering a trophy in the competition confirms that it was legally hunted and in the spirit of fair chase. By definition, this means:

– The hunter must be in possession of all duly completed relevant documentation, including applicable licences and TOPS permits (if required)
– Fair chase is defined as the pursuit of a free ranging animal or enclosed roaming animal possessed of the natural behavioural inclination to escape from the hunter and who is completely free to do so. This means, inter- alia, that the animal cannot be hunted with the aid of an artificial light source or motorised transport, and therefore automatically excludes any animals shot during a culling exercise or at night. The use of an artificial light during the period between sunset and sunrise excludes Bushpig.
– The rules for the competition will be published at the venue and all entrants will be required to sign an affidavit. The trophy measurers reserve the right to request any necessary legal documentation with regards to any trophy entered in the competition. The Trophy Competition Affidavit and rules are attached.

Photographic competition

We urge our members to enter as many photographs as they wish at no cost.

Category A: Any wildlife picture (animals)
Category B: An African scene (landscapes)
Category C: Entry by a junior member depicting “A” and/or “B”

Please note that the maximum size of your photograph/s is 8 x 12”


Photographic Awards

Whysall’s Photographic Trophy (Overall Winner)
Photographic Certificate (Highly Commended)
Photographic Certificate (Commended)
Photographic Certificate (Highly Commended Junior entry)

Association Shoots

Nyala Inter-Branch (trophy handed over at Nyala Shoot)
Top Gun competition (Individual event) Shotgun, Rifle, Overall

Senator Howard Odell Trophy (Junior member with Highest Score in the Top Gun)

Training Courses

Clinckemaillie Junior Hunters Knife/ Shield (top student on a junior course) – shield remains in office
Junior Conservationist Award
Leon Kruger Memorial Trophy (top student on a senior hunters course)


Pierre Weitz Floating Trophy (most active junior of the year; all activities taken into account)
JF King Conservation Trophy
Douglas Johnstone Game Bird Trophy
Leon Du Casse Branch floating trophy awarded for most active branch
Silvain Clinckemaillie Memorial Trophy for Association Service


Roy Mattison Elephant
Rob Mattison Buffalo
E W Bure Impala
W A Williamson Bushbuck
Charles Humphries Duiker
V Kramer Nyala
Coenraad Vermaak Blesbuck
L A van Rooyen Mountain Reedbuck
P W van Rooyen Common Reedbuck
Mike White Kudu
Lady Lister Blue Wildebeest
Karl Heinz Arltrow Black Wildebeest
Izak Vorster Warthog
Carel de Wet Springbuck
Malcolm MacFarlane Bushpig
Graham Morrison Eland
Vryheid Branch Red Hartebeest
Albrecht Piro Grey Rhebuck
Fallow Deer
Rico de Marigny Gemsbuck
Midlands Branch Klipspringer
Alfred County Branch Oribi
Upper Tugela Branch Steenbuck
Zululand Branch Blue Duiker
Zululand Branch Red Duiker
Richard Rodd Waterbuck
Charl van Heerden Suni
Gary Graham Hippo
Handgun hunting trophy donated by John Harris

Trophies for Juniors (10 years and older)

Tim Ivins Junior Hunters Trophy
Les Ogram Trophy for Runner-up Junior hunter
Andrew Whysall most trophies entered by a Junior
C W Roseveare Impala Trophy
Klipp Brothers Common Reedbuck
Midlands Branch Bushpig Trophy
Newcastle Branch Red Hartebeest Trophy
Zululand Branch Blesbuck Trophy
Durban Branch Duiker Trophy
Keith Stuart Blue Wildebeest Trophy
Roy and Lucia Stuart Black Wildebeest Trophy
Miles Robinson Bushbuck Junior Trophy
Vryheid Branch Rooibok Lady Junior Trophy

Overall Trophies

Pat Ogram Memorial Trophy – awarded to a member over the age of 65 years
Terry Griffin Diana Trophy – Huntress of the year
Ian Player Hunters Trophy – combined score for Blesbuck, Common Reedbuck, Bushbuck, Impala
Marty White Trophy – runner up best trophy
St Hubert – best trophy on display


Please submit details of all first time hunters, if not done so already, to Hannelie as they will be awarded certificates at the Annual General Meeting and Complimentary membership for one year. Please note that Junior Hunters must be 10 years or older. First time hunters that are younger than 10 years of age need to wait until their 10th birthday before they are recognised at the AGM.


Subscriptions 2019-2020
A big thank you to those who have paid their membership fees on time or in advance. We urge those members who have not paid to do so as soon as they possibly can. You can make arrangements with Rose at the office for instalments if this method of payment is more suitable. Constitutionally subs are due on the 01st of September and are payable before the 30th of November 2019. Statements have been posted to all members.

Dedicated Hunter and Sport Shoot status
Please remember the cut-off date to submit your Warranty and activity card is the 30th of November 2019. We have to submit an annual return to CFR before the office closes and report on all members who do not conform to the legislated requirements. Warranty form is attached and also available on the Website.


Nyala News magazine: The hunting season has come and gone. There must be many stories and pictures that we would love to publish in the December issue of the Nyala News magazine. Please become a contributor and make our magazine even better. Please note cut-off date for contributions is the 08th of November 2019.

Please note: Emailed photos should be high resolution and sent as an attachment, not embedded in a Word document.


The office is officially open from 07h30 to 16h00, Monday – Friday.
December shutdown: The office will officially close on the 13th of December 2019 at 13h00 and will reopen on Monday, the 06th of January 2020.

Best Regards,

Chris Jennings
Executive Officer


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