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    As a member of the KwaZulu-Natal Hunting Shooting and Conservation Association I subscribe to the following definitions and will be guided by them in my conduct as a Hunter, Conservationist and member of the Association.

    1. Hunting is the lawful and ethical harvesting of Game (wild animals and birds) in accordance with generally accepted conservation principles; and
    2. Conservation is the wise use of a replenishable natural resource on a sustainable utilisation basis.

    In addition, to recognise my responsibility to the present and future generations, I pledge to adhere to the following principles:

    1. By word and deed to actively conserve and promote the survival of our fauna and flora, ecosystem biodiversity and the heritage of hunting;
    2. To obey all laws, regulations, codes of conduct and practices pertaining to hunting and the private possession of arms and ammunition.
    3. To hunt with humility and compassion and to utilise from nature with utmost discretion, taking nothing from it which I am not entitled to and to promote sustainable utilisation.
    4. To respect my fellow hunter and to enhance and strengthen the activity of hunting as well as its image in the minds of pragmatic thinking people;
    5. To recognise and respect the property of indigenous rural communities and their input and needs relating to sustainable utilisation of natural resources;
    6. To use correct hunting methods and the appropriate equipment and to show respect for the wildlife, habitat and the property where I am privileged to hunt.
    7. To employ my firearms with skill and consideration and not to shoot at wild animals:
    8. at distances beyond the capability of my competence and that of my chosen weapon
    9. before I have identified the species and / or its gender and
    10. before ensuring that it is safe to do so.
    11. At all times to honour the ethic of “Single Shot Humane Kill” to ensure the humane harvesting Game.
    12. Not to hunt female wild animals with dependent offspring.
    13. At all times to engage in fair and honest practices, which shall include honouring appointments made and agreements entered into with all direct and indirect purveyors of hunting.
    14. To educate others, especially young people, regarding the benefits pertaining to the sustainable use of natural resources, conservation, correct hunting methods, the law and ethics of hunting, responsible use and possession of arms and ammunition and the law pertaining thereto and to continually enhance my knowledge of these subjects and
    15. All hunting to take place by engaging in Fair Chase of the quarry.

    Fair Chase is defined as the pursuit of a free ranging animal or enclosed roaming animal possessed of the natural behavioural inclination to escape from the hunter and be completely free to do so.  Such an animal is to be hunted:

    1. without the aid of an artificial light source.
    2. without the aid of motorised transport
    3. in an area that does not by its nature concentrate animals for a specific purpose or at a specific time, such as at a waterhole, salt lick or feeding station
    4. while existing as a naturally interacting animal of a wild sustainable population, located in an area that meets both the spatial and temporal requirements of that population and
    5. while being self-sustained within an ecologically functional system in its natural state.
    6. provided that in hunting species of Game where the local custom and law permits a deviation from these principles, such conduct will be condoned.


    1. Contraventions of all laws pertaining to conservation, hunting, firearms and ammunition.
    2. Breaches of this code of Ethics; and
    3. Conduct which brings or is likely to bring the Association, hunting and the private possession of firearms and ammunition into disrepute.
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